Zynga’s Oras NFTs storm OpenSea: Over $1.5M trading volume registered

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Zynga’s Oras NFTs storm OpenSea: Over $1.5M trading volume registered

Gaming giant Zynga, famed for iconic titles like Farmville and Words with Friends, has taken the non-fungible token (NFT) realm by storm with a free drop. On September 13, Zynga unveiled 9,999 Oras NFTs as part of its debut Web3 gaming endeavor, Sugartown.

Zynga Oras

Following a swift grab, the Zynga Oras NFTs soared in price on OpenSea. Remarkably, within a day of their release, they topped the charts of the renowned secondary marketplace.

Zynga's Oras NFTs storm OpenSea: Over $1.5M trading volume registered - 1
Sugartown Oras Capsule (Source: OpenSea)

The digital collectibles, integrable within the Sugartown universe, now boast a floor price of $380 (0,2334 ETH) and have accrued a staggering trading volume exceeding $1,5 million (957 ETH) since the start of the sale.


Zynga’s foray into NFT gaming began mid-August with a teaser of the upcoming Sugartown. Players will utilize their ERC-721 Ora tokens for game entry in the game. Staking Oras, they receive ‘Energy’, essential for embarking on game adventures. Furthermore, players can accumulate $SUGAR, the in-game currency, and use it to access various rewards.

Sugartown generously handed out 6,000 Oras to its community for its inaugural chapter release. An additional 3,999 Oras were safeguarded in the Rewards Reserve.

Fair distribution

To level the playing field, sidestepping bot activity and gas fee conflicts, these NFTs weren’t given out en masse. Instead, allocations targeted Twitter and Discord followers, collaborative Sugartown victors, and an open pool of enthusiasts via a “non-guaranteed mint”.

The initial phase was a hit. After the Phase 1 mint’s overwhelming success, the subsequent Phase 2 mint was hot on its heels, introduced merely four hours later. All 9,999 assets were claimed within a day by those who confirmed their allowlist position. As a result, the Oras NFTs are now a hot commodity on OpenSea.

Gaming nostalgia

These game-centric Oras collectibles are rekindling nostalgia. They hearken back to older times when Farmville was played by millions of Facebook users. If Zynga can replicate the same success, Sugartown will surely become the greatest hit in blockchain gaming history.

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