Zynga, the studio behind FarmVille, announces new web3 game “Sugartown”

Zynga, the studio behind FarmVille, announces new web3 game “Sugartown”

Mobile game publisher Zynga has taken the leap into the blockchain gaming world. The company, responsible for mega-hits like FarmVille, announced today the impending launch of its Ethereum-based game, Sugartown.

A wormhole to another dimension

Sugartown’s storyline revolves around three farm animals that inadvertently open a wormhole from a different dimension. This twist introduces creatures named Oras, turning the once-simplistic Sugartown into a captivating gamified realm. As per a representative from Zynga, the game will be exclusive to web browsers and has no set date for release.

NFT collection will give access to Sugartown

A vital component of this venture is Zynga’s plan to release 10,000 Ora NFTs later this year. These Ora NFTs won’t just be collectibles; they’re essential tickets for players to dive into the world of Sugartown. Once inside, players get free access to a series of minigames. There’s an added element of strategy: players can “stake” their Ora NFTs to gather Sugar, a non-crypto in-game currency.

Zynga, the studio behind FarmVille, announces new web3 game "Sugartown" - 1
Sugartown Gang (Source @visitsugartown)

Zynga Vice President of Web3 Gaming, Matt Wolf, expressed the company’s larger goal, stating:

“Our ambition is to empower players through a sustainable Web3 platform full of fun and enduring games. (…) scaling much wider over time while we build a passionate and engaged community of holders we hope will enjoy this experience as much as we loved bringing it to life.”

Not the first rodeo for Zynga

Zynga’s influence in the gaming sector isn’t recent. Founded in 2007, they made monumental waves in 2009 by introducing FarmVille and Words With Friends. FarmVille, in particular, became an instant hit after releasing on Facebook, becoming the most popular game on the platform for two years straight.

In an industry twist, the acclaimed Grand Theft Auto publisher, Take-Two Interactive, purchased Zynga in 2022 for a staggering $12.7 billion, hinting at collaborative blockchain gaming ventures in the future.

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