zkSync Era unleashes experimental NFT collection “LIBERTAS OMNIBUS”

zkSync Era unleashes experimental NFT collection “LIBERTAS OMNIBUS”

zkSync Era, a prominent layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has raised the curtain on its latest endeavor, LIBERTAS OMNIBUS. The pioneering collection aims to explore uncharted territories in NFT standards, network superpowers, and more. As this venture garners global attention, let’s delve deeper into the recent occurrences shaking up the zkSync landscape.


The advent of LIBERTAS OMNIBUS on zkSync is no less than a technological carnival. Embarking on this experimental journey, the project’s intent is to sail across the vast oceans of new protocol features and create prototype collections that burst with unexpected creativity.

Since its Mainnet initiation four months ago, zkSync has seen a staggering number of nearly 180,000 active community members pitching their tent in the NFT territory.

To celebrate this, 10,000 lucky anons were given a share of some zkSync goodness in the first phase of this experiment. As articulated in an official tweet by zkSync, LIBERTAS OMNIBUS is more than just an initiative; it is a delightful route for the wider NFT community to participate in the Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Revolution.

Scaling new heights

zkSync Era didn’t just stop at the launch. Instead, it achieved a new high in terms of network activity. The Twitter handle zkSync Fans revealed the roll-ups’ transactions per second, reaching an unprecedented peak.

Oklink’s data revealed an impressive total of 52.8 million transactions, and the total addresses crossed the 3 million mark. In terms of network value, zkSync’s Total Value Locked (TVL) is on an upward trajectory, currently valued at over $190 million, as per Artemis’ data.

The rival’s rise and race

While zkSync continues to scale the ladder of success, its competitors aren’t lagging too far behind. zkEVM, another player in the roll-up domain, flipped StarkNet in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL) on May 25, 2023, painting a promising picture for the competitor.

Even StarkNet managed to outpace zkSync in daily active addresses and transactions temporarily. However, zkSync regained its top position soon after, highlighting its resilience and dominance in the market.

Marching towards liberty

LIBERTAS OMNIBUS isn’t merely a project but an important step forward to bring personal freedom to all through the ZK Revolution. The mystery reveal, as the zkSync tweet teases, is eagerly awaited by all.

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