ZackXBT calls out long-term scammer tricking the 6529 NFT team

ZackXBT calls out long-term scammer tricking the 6529 NFT team

ZachXBT, an on-chain researcher, has called out a long-term scammer, going by 3PEACEART, for tricking the 6529 team into being added to 6529Collections.

Links to previous scams

A user going by 3PEACEART has been called out for scamming and tricking the 6529 team into his addition to 6529 Collections. After publicly being exposed, he deleted the tweet and cited mental health. He also said that the account was given to him last year.

However, ZachXBT found that his ENS address, 3PEACEART for 1/1 NFTs, was funded by the old 0x80 address used for scams. 

The Twitter handle has been changed severally since 2022, where it was @jesahatto. The account had been linked to several scams worth over $1.5 million where they promoted their “limited” NFT OxCrystals. 

Several times, the scammer also said the mint was free, yet it cost 0.25 ETH. In addition, they issued free giveaways and blocked anyone calling them out. 

Punk 6529 to reissue the #100 card

Punk 6529 caught wind of the story and mentioned not being happy all week that the #100 card was @3PEACEART and not @6529er. Fast forward, their gut was right, and the account was, after all, a scammer. A tweet by @bitcoinmcr brought it to their attention and said the team needed to do more due diligence on @3PEACEART.

After asking @3PEACEART about the allegations, they were unconvinced since they claimed they had purchased the account. However, when asked for payment evidence, they said that “some punk gave me a 93K user account for free”. 

 As a solution, @punk6529 will replace the #100 card with the @6529er card. Furthermore, they would send their share of the mint to ZachXBT for his research. 

Several users responded to the announcement and stated that the 6529 had handled the situation well and that the solution was excellent. Furthermore, some even went ahead to block @3PEACEART.

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