Yves Saint Laurent files a trademark application to enter the metaverse and NFT worlds

Yves Saint Laurent files a trademark application to enter the metaverse and NFT worlds

French luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent has filed a trademark application for its brand name and logo with the USPTO as part of its preparation to enter the metaverse and NFT worlds. 

Yves Saint Laurent perseus the virtual space

French Luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent recently issued a trademark application for its brand and logo with the USPTO.

The trademark filing forms a part of its strategic plan to enter the virtual space and capitalize on the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Yves filed for the trademark on January 12, seeking to offer virtual goods, including perfumes, makeup, skincare products, and hair products, for use in the Metaverse and other virtual worlds. 

According to Mike Kondoudis, a USPTO attorney, the brand has more plans for the virtual environment.

In addition, the brand plans to set up virtual stores where online users can purchase virtual products, including toiletries, body care products, perfumes, and other items sold in their collection. Yves Saint Laurent will also incorporate downloadable multimedia items, including computer programs, perfumery, toiletries, cosmetics, makeup kits, and hair care products, to mention a few.

On March 16, the USPTO received three virtual trademark applications from the luxury brand, including the Woven YSL logo, “Saint Laurent,” and Yves Saint Laurent’s word mark. During the application, Yves initially planned to launch Non-Fungible Tokens as part of its class 42 trademark application.

Yves Saint Laurent is not the only french-based luxury fashion house that has announced plans to incorporate the virtual world. Last year, renowned French brands Louis Vuitton and Hermès also applied for similar virtual trademarks.

Web3 continues to grow.

The Web3 ecosystem has grown exponentially since last year as more brands announced plans to join the Metaverse and launch NFT collections. The growth has been tremendous despite the heavy impact of the bearish market sentiment that prevailed for the better part of 2022. Mike Kondoudis also announced that the Iconic non-profit education and science brand National Geographic Society filed for NFT and Metaverse trademarks on Jan.6.

The trademarks will encompass downloadable multimedia collectibles, including images, videos, artwork with books, music, articles, and photographs. The items will also be available on the blockchain network as Non-Fungible Tokens. The organization’s move to join the metaverse and improve virtual experiences will take the world to a new level by allowing NFT fans, nature enthusiasts, and art lovers to own exclusive NFTs on landscape, scenery, nature, wildlife, science, environment, and history.

In the virtual world, Nike currently leads all apparel brands. The brand has dominated the space through its moves that have so far generated the largest revenue. The brand recently launched the Dot Swoosh NFT marketplace to house Nike’s virtual innovations. The marketplace went live on November 18 with essential features like those seen on independent NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Adidas is also following in Nike’s footsteps, presenting a collection that caused a frenzy among fans of the brand and NFT enthusiasts.

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