Yuga Labs set to acquire Roar Studios to boost metaverse development

Yuga Labs set to acquire Roar Studios to boost metaverse development

Today, Yuga Labs disclosed intentions to acquire Roar Studios, a studio renowned for its role at the intersection of gaming, social media, metaverse, and advanced AI technologies.

Roar Studios

Roar Studios is comprised of a team of talented audio, game, and AI engineers. The studio stands as the creative force behind ROAR, an innovative media platform.

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The goal of the studio is to create an open music metaverse, where music, gaming, and social media converge to enable musicians of all genres and walks of life to achieve their goals.

Expanding the Otherside metaverse

The acquisition will provide valuable resources for Yuga Labs’ development of Otherside, its metaverse project. Roar Studios will be providing its technology, expertise, and leadership skills.

Last month, the startup behind the development of the Otherside, Improbable, released a toolset for building in the metaverse. The metaverse by Yuga Labs has been steadily growing, frequently adding new adventures and gaming experiences, like the “Legends of Mara”, for players.

Daniel Alegre, the CEO of Yuga Labs who previously worked as the COO of Activision Blizzard, stated what the new partnership could mean for the expansion of the Otherside:

“Roar Studios has redefined what it means to experience media content in the metaverse. Yuga’s North Star is creating new ways for communities to connect and express themselves, and I am excited to welcome Roar’s talented team to our Yuga family. Roar’s dedication to creative content creation and social connections will accelerate our execution of our bold vision for Otherside and Yuga’s ecosystem more broadly.”

The company has also recently expanded its new game, HV-MTL, by adding new functionalities and game modes. HV-MTL is a game that mixes pet simulation, casual world-building (similar to SimCity), and competitive dungeon crawling.

New leadership

Once the acquisition is finalized, Reid will assume the key role of General Manager of the Otherside. He will join forces with the seasoned executive team at Yuga Labs, guiding the development and production while broadening its vision.

Before establishing Roar, Reid amassed over two decades of experience in building teams and creating and distributing film, television, and music content for global audiences. His notable work includes involvement with successful film franchises such as UNDERWORLD.

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