Yuga Labs hype soars with TwelveFold Ordinals Puzzle 13-week competition

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Yuga Labs hype soars with TwelveFold Ordinals Puzzle 13-week competition

Yuga Labs, the brand behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, is now offering Bitcoin & Ordinals enthusiasts a chance to win big. With the launch of their TwelveFold Ordinals puzzle competition, participants stand a chance to win Bitcoin prizes over 13 weeks.

The art of puzzles and prizes

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has always been synonymous with innovation and excitement. This time, they’re blending puzzles, Bitcoin, and art in a unique initiative. Centered around the TwelveFold generative art collection, Yuga Labs has unveiled a cipher puzzle series. The puzzles are inspired by Bitcoin-based artwork, and the prizes are in Bitcoin.

“The TwelveFold puzzles resonate deeply with the essence of the collection, emphasizing the intricate relationship between time, mathematics, and variability,” the company announced.

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TwelveFold – A fusion of art and Bitcoin

TwelveFold isn’t just any art collection. It’s a 300-piece masterpiece built on Ordinals, one of the most hyped protocols of the year. Users can “inscribe” NFT-like artwork directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Despite skepticism during its March auction, Yuga Labs raised a whopping $16.5 million through 288 successful bids.

The art pieces themselves are a marvel. Each TwelveFold piece is a 12×12 grid, merging 3D graphics with hand-drawn elements, symbolizing the data storage method on the Bitcoin blockchain. These artworks, inscribed onto individual satoshis (Bitcoin’s smallest unit), form the foundation for this exhilarating puzzle series.

The Moon and Sun puzzles – A race against time

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Yuga Labs has announced that starting today, a “Moon Puzzle” will be released every week for the next 12 weeks. A prize of 0.12 Bitcoin (currently valued at approximately $3,090) will be awarded to the first individual to crack each weekly puzzle.

But the 13th week promises something even more tantalizing. The Moon will give way to the “Sun Puzzle”, with the victor being rewarded with a coveted TwelveFold Ordinal. For context, a TwelveFold piece is currently priced at around 0.9 BTC (or about $23,150) on the Magic Eden secondary marketplace.

Everyone’s invited, but only one can win

The best news is that participants are not required to own a TwelveFold asset owner. However, a little birdie (or should we say ape) from Yuga Labs hinted that TwelveFold holders might have a surprise coming their way.

To dive into this puzzle extravaganza, participants require an Ordinals Bitcoin wallet, like Xverse or Unisat. Once equipped, they can visit the TwelveFold website, grab a puzzle, and unleash their creative or logical prowess. And here’s the kicker: answers are etched onto the Bitcoin blockchain via satoshis, ensuring they remain immortalized forever.

But with great prizes come great challenges. Yuga Labs has made it clear: there’s only one winner for each puzzle. And if multiple participants submit the correct answer simultaneously? The one with the lower inscription number takes the cake. Given the stakes, the competition is expected to be fierce. In fact, Yuga’s website reveals that today’s puzzle has already been deciphered.

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