Yuga Labs invests in spatial computing startup Hadean for Otherside Metaverse expansion

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Yuga Labs invests in spatial computing startup Hadean for Otherside Metaverse expansion

Yuga Labs, the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT brand, announced a significant undisclosed investment in spatial computing startup Hadean, signaling its intention to supercharge its Otherside metaverse.

Hadean: Powering up Otherside

Hadean’s prowess in spatial computing is pivotal for Yuga’s ambitious Otherside metaverse. Hadean’s technology is focused on scaling up the game, aiming to accommodate a colossal number of players concurrently.

An indication of its capacity was evident during Otherside’s “Second Trip” playtest in March, which saw participation from over 7,200 players simultaneously, turning the digital landscape into a bustling world teeming with avatars.

The actual figure of Yuga Labs’ investment remains undisclosed. However, insiders hint at its significance, especially when viewed in the context of Hadean’s past funding. For context, Hadean previously secured $5 million in funding in March, subsequent to a substantial $30 million Series A raise in September 2022, which interestingly saw participation from gaming giant Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite.

Yuga Labs x Hadean: A transatlantic collaboration

Thanks to this newly injected capital, Hadean will be establishing a team in the U.S. This squad will collaborate closely with Yuga Labs, focusing on “mass concurrency” – a term describing the capacity to host numerous players in a singular online space simultaneously.

Daniel Alegre, Yuga Labs’ CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the investment in Hadean:

“As we double down on Otherside, and aim to create unparalleled live experiences in entertainment and gaming, our deepened commitment and long-term investment in Hadean excites us.”

This isn’t Yuga’s first association with Hadean. In September, a commercial agreement concentrating on Otherside’s technological foundation was unveiled. Additionally, Yuga confirmed tech and creative partnerships with AccelByte, Bad Rhino, and Faraway, with each collaboration centering on the Otherside project. Otherside also harnesses technology from another metaverse innovator, Improbable.

Bigger picture

Hadean is commonly recognized as a trailblazer in metaverse infrastructure, and its role in spatial computing is monumental. As an illustration, Apple’s Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is frequently cited as a standout example of spatial computing.

The partnership between Yuga Labs and Hadean promises not only to expand the horizons of the digital realm but also to redefine how users interact with and within virtual spaces.

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