Yuga Labs gamifies the NFT minting process 

Yuga Labs gamifies the NFT minting process 

The company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Yuga Labs, has announced an expansion of its non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. The expansion begins with a free mint and a game of skill.

Yuga Labs begin skill-based NFT minting

The startup has unveiled an upcoming online game in which players must traverse a sewer to earn NFTs as rewards. Yuga Labs is a market leader in the NFT space, having raised $450 million in a round led by a16z and valued at $4 billion.

The innovative, multi-step drop commences on January 17 with a free Sewer Pass mint for existing Bored Ape Yacht Club/Mutant Ape Yacht Club members. These tokens are the key to unlocking Dookey Dash, a game of skill that becomes playable on January 18.

The players then have until Feb. 8 to achieve the highest possible score in order to claim power sources. The aim of this, however, remains unknown. According to Yuga’s tweets, these rewards will “evolve throughout 2023.” Moreover, even if you do not possess a Bored Ape NFT, anyone with a sewer pass can play the game.

Here are the gaming details

In addition, the player will receive unlimited plays but must play at least once and achieve a score greater than 0 in order to validate their Sewer Pass. The Sewer Pass is bound to the wallet the player owns. Validated Sewer Passes will be eligible to change into a mysterious new power source on February 15.

The items you acquire in the sewer, the obstacles you eliminate, and the length of time you survive determine your final score in the game. The Sewer Pass with the highest score that the game developers authenticate will be eligible to turn into the ultimate power source.

Dookey Dash will be playable for all Sewer Pass holders, even ones acquired on the secondary market. A player confirms their Sewer Passes and “transforms them into a secret power source” with a score greater than 0. The holder may play the game an unlimited number of times.

The team also made a suggestion that whatever revelation comes at the end will “evolve throughout 2023” and be applied in subsequent “battles.” A detailed explanation of the game’s mechanics is available here.

The plan for Yuga Labs’ most recent project states that the NFTs produced during this month-long experiment will later be included in a story experience referred to as “Chapter 1.”

It is evident that this new NFT mint, which debuted on December 21 with the funny and NSFW animated short “The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey,” is a component of Yuga’s larger intentions to create an interactive metaverse experience dubbed “The Otherside.” The software would let users create playable characters out of their existing NFTs and land they already possess.

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