Y00ts unexpectedly migrates to Ethereum

Y00ts unexpectedly migrates to Ethereum

In the digital dance of bytes and blockchain, Y00ts is crafting a shift from Polygon to Ethereum. A decision layered with intrigue and intent. Not just a change of platform but a fusion of communities.

The strategy of unity

Y00ts, an NFT collection once resonating on Solana’s frequency, now synchronizes with a new beat. The melody of Ethereum. A migration? Yes. But also a unification with DeGods, a fellow symphony in the digital orchestra. An alignment was announced but not yet dated. And amid this, a new Season III collection from DeGods emerges, a harbinger of fresh creativity.

A choreographed departure

December whispered the first notes of change. An exit from Solana, a pivot toward Polygon, and a $3 million grant to feed growth. But the dance had not found its final form. Rohun Vora, DeGods’ visionary, spoke of the need for unity. A reunion of two digital tribes. The melody was evolving.

Polygon’s role was not a static one. A gracious partner in the dance, they elegantly reallocated $1 million of the refunded grant, supporting their native creators. Words of respect and collaboration flowed, painting a picture of a truly amicable transition. It was a dance of respect, a ballet of business acumen.

The narrative of change

Y00ts and DeGods have performed a dance that’s both professional and poetic. A migration that speaks to technology, community, and imagination. It’s a story that refuses to be ordinary, a journey rich in unpredictability yet rooted in business wisdom. It’s a chapter that’s only just begun, a dance that continues to unfold.

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