Workplace comedy ‘Space Junk’ gives NFT holders creative power

Workplace comedy ‘Space Junk’ gives NFT holders creative power

NFT holders can engage and collaborate with the new animated web series ‘Space Junk,’ featuring the voice talent of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ star Jon Heder.

A comedy born from real-world space hazards

The animated web series ‘Space Junk‘, created by “Workaholics” co-creator Dominic Russo and produced by Web3 animation studio Toonstar, revolves around the daily lives of people tasked with cleaning up debris from spacecraft. 

Inspired by the real-world issue of space hazards, Russo envisions a less glamorous depiction of space, focusing on blue-collar workers instead of the stereotypical sleek and sexy sci-fi representation. With Jon Heder on board as a voice actor, the show promises a fresh take on cosmic adventures.

NFTs enable collaboration and participation

Following the success of their previous collaboration with Mila Kunis’ Sixth Wall studio, ‘The Gimmicks,’ Toonstar’s ‘Space Junk’ will also employ NFTs to encourage creative participation. Viewers can vote on narrative decisions, interact with creators and fans, and develop their own storylines for characters. 

The show itself will not be token-gated, allowing anyone to watch it for free from May 19. Toonstar plans to release biweekly episodes for a total of eight episodes, each lasting around 10-14 minutes.

“Space Junk” is set to mint its NFTs on the Theta Network on May 15, with each NFT priced at $20. The details regarding the supply have yet to be disclosed. The Toonstar CEO and co-founder, John Attanasio, anticipates similar functionality for “Space Junk” NFTs on Theta as seen with “The Gimmicks.” The latter began on the Solana platform last year before transitioning to Avalanche for its second season.

A stellar voice cast and Web3 distribution

Heder expressed enthusiasm about the concept of the show when it was pitched to him, appreciating not only its humor but also its timeliness. “Space Junk” will also feature the voice talents of Tony Cavalero, known for his roles in “The Righteous Gemstones” and “School of Rock.” Heder views the project as an exciting opportunity to work on a series centered around Web3 distribution methods.

Co-founding Web3 agency and studio Verified Labs, Heder has been involved in other projects within the space. Among these are the forthcoming NFT-driven animated series “Cyko KO” and his own NFT art project, “Order of the Tigons,” which recently debuted an experience in the metaverse game, The Sandbox.

Embracing Web3 distribution and AI

Jon Heder is no stranger to the world of Web3 distribution. With other NFT-driven projects under his belt, Heder is excited to work on a show built around this innovative approach. ‘Space Junk’ will also integrate artificial intelligence (AI) by featuring an in-universe AI wellness robot named Wellbecca, voiced by an AI chatbot. The Wellbecca AI bot will engage with ‘Space Junk’ NFT holders for co-creating short stories, further enhancing community interaction.

In response to the push for ethnically aligned voice acting in animated series, ‘Space Junk’ takes it a step further by having the AI wellness robot, Wellbecca, voiced by AI technology. This approach aims to create a more authentic experience for viewers and embraces the potential of AI in the entertainment industry.

With NFTs and AI technology joining forces, it’s clear that ‘Space Junk’ is taking comedy to new heights and launching creativity into orbit.

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