Will Logan Paul finally refund CryptoZoo investors?

Will Logan Paul finally refund CryptoZoo investors?

Youtuber Logan Paul broke the silence regarding the ongoing CryptoZoo controversy, hinting at a near resolution during a recent appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour show on September 27. Engulfed in legal quandaries over his forthcoming fight with Dillon Danis, Paul cautiously addressed the CryptoZoo refund issue that’s been left untouched for nine months.

The infamous CryptoZoo rug pull

Previously, Logan Paul vowed to return $1.8 million to investors impacted by CryptoZoo, the ill-starred blockchain gaming venture. This promise came amid mounting criticism as early backers found themselves in dire straits.

CryptoZoo, once highly touted by Paul, faced a barrage of criticisms as its founders scammed investors, abandoning the project before delivering on its promised features. Matters worsened when YouTube investigator Coffeezilla branded it as Logan Paul’s “biggest scam” early this year.

The crux of the matter reached a larger audience when Coffeezilla, featured on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, elucidating on Logan Paul’s failure to honor his refund commitment made back in January 2023. The controversy escalated as Paul remained mute on the issue for a protracted period, further fueling skepticism among the crypto community.

Logan Paul promises a “final resolution”

During the intense discussion with Helwani, Paul navigated through his words cautiously. He initially mentioned, “Because of the legal position of this, I, unfortunately, can’t say anything on this situation,” before shedding a glimpse of hope for those affected.

His further statements provided a semblance of reassurance as he mentioned:

“We’re very close, in my opinion… I think we’re very close to a final resolution. That’s what I mean when I say I’m rectifying it. But unfortunately, I can’t give you any details right now.”

This enigmatic and vague disclosure, however, did not satisfy the inquisitive minds hungry for a more tangible update. With no exact timeline or clear nature of the supposed resolution, investors continue to linger in a haze of uncertainty.

Paul emphasized that the matter is “not a dead issue by any means,” showcasing a persistent endeavor to rectify the situation. Despite this, the veil of secrecy surrounding the resolution’s specifics continues to provoke widespread speculation.

The legal tangles encircling Logan Paul seem to intertwine with his pending bout against Dillon Danis, further muddling the waters of the CryptoZoo debacle. The promise of amends amidst the burgeoning legal pressures leaves many to wonder about the genuine intent behind Paul’s pledge.

There is still hope

While Logan Paul may never issue a refund, there is still hope for the victims. Renowned YouTuber Jidion has wagered $100,000 against Logan Paul in his imminent boxing match against Dillon Danis. Should he win the bet, Jidion has pledged that all earnings from the bet will be directed towards the individuals affected by the CryptoZoo scandal.

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