Wemade’s DAO and NFT Platform NILE Forms an MOU with Print Bakery

Wemade’s DAO and NFT Platform NILE Forms an MOU with Print Bakery

Wemade’s DAO & NFT platform NILE and Print Bakery, the well-known art company from Seoul Auction, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Details About the MOU

Through the agreement, NILE plans to showcase diverse NFT projects, popularize art in the disciplines of blockchain, and increase the expandability of NFT art through the NFT marketplace that NILE will make available.

In addition, by fusing the production and distribution expertise of Print Bakery with NILE’s advanced NFT technology, NILE will advance its entry into the NFT art industry. Henry Chang, the CEO of Wemade, stated that if they can guarantee the security of NFT and the actual meaning of art, that will allow creators and artists to start up a new chapter not only in the art market but also in the fields of an entirely new genre.

The NILE platform, which unites a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and NFTs, is working closely with numerous partners to develop its ecosystem.

The Origin of the NILE

In August, Wemade, a pioneer in the creation of blockchain games, presented its on-chain DAO platform, NFT Is Life Evolution (NILE).

Through the platform, which is included in Wemade’s WEMIX3.0 mainnet, artists will be able to market and make money from their works through DAO initiatives, including by taking part as IP providers. Members of the DAO can also earn rewards by investing in things like concerts, exhibitions of art, sporting activities, and more.

A pixel art portrayal of each of London’s 264 underground train stations may be found in NILE’s inaugural NFT collection, London Underground Station 264 Genesis. Pixel painters Locho and Zeeha worked together as the creative duo known as “PICDOT” to create the collection.

WEMIX also houses a P&E gaming platform named WEMIX PLAY. You can play games like MIR4, Four Gods, Every Farm, and Rise of Stars on the said platform. Additionally, one can use a straightforward online wallet system to deposit your in-game earnings into WEMIX.

According to the website’s material, the DeFi service WEMIX FI will also be available soon. There isn’t any more information available at this time concerning this service.

A protocol is known as Neith powers NILE. Whether on-chain or off-chain, this protocol promotes cooperation and protects the platform’s security. According to the business, this protocol will enable the platform’s large-scale initiatives to be organized and managed without any issues.

About Wemade

Korean game developer Wemade is a pioneer in the industry, counting over twenty years of industry experience. With a focus on customizing the gaming experience, it is constantly leveraging blockchain (NFT, DeFi) and metaverse technology to bring something new.

With the help of blockchain technology, Wemade aims to reinvent classic games and turn its WEMIX token into a significant asset for the gaming sector. Wemade is most known for the sleeper success game “The Legend of Mir”, which at one point had more than 200 million signups.

Wemade has been investigating methods to include blockchain technology in its new games and services for the past few years. It released a stablecoin and a DeFi platform with its blockchain Wemix3.0 on the mainnet.

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