Wemade launches “talk-to-earn” live chat app on NFT Platform NILE

Wemade launches “talk-to-earn” live chat app on NFT Platform NILE

On Monday, Wemade, a prominent gaming and blockchain enterprise from South Korea, announced the release of Tangled, a Talk to Earn (T2E) decentralized application on its NFT platform, NILE.

Talk-to-earn – new gaming model?

Wemade, the famous gaming company behind The Legend of Mir, made the announcement via a press release. This move is another significant stride for Wemade in linking conventional gaming with blockchain and Web3 technology.

Tangled, a Web3 live chat decentralized application, leverages AI-based verification to eliminate fake gender accounts or profiles. Wemade claims that the integration of artificial intelligence enhances the security and chat experiences of dApp users by upholding the highest standards.

Users can engage in conversations with individuals worldwide using the chat application. As other users accept chat offers, a built-in mechanism allows users to accumulate time points. These time points are then stored in a native Tangled NFT named Tangled Clock, which comprises three grades of NFTs: Luxury, High-End, and Zenith.

TIPO, a utility token, is also available for users to exchange their time points, which can be swapped for various digital assets such as WEMIX. Additionally, last July, VMed’s announcement of adding liquidity to Uniswap resulted in the UNI token gaining momentum. Uniswap V3 experienced a surge in interest from Korean game developers through the WEMIX/USDC pool, leading to an increase in the value of UNI.

Combining AI and blockchain to create a new kind of app

Tangled, as per Wemade, features an AI-based verification system that boosts security for Web3 live chat users. The T2E decentralized application enables users to earn time points, which they can exchange for utility tokens like WEMIX. Tangled seeks to provide a secure and pleasant chatting experience for its users.

Wemade has been making bold moves in web3 gaming, partnering with Space & Time, a decentralized warehousing provider, to boost its blockchain gaming platform, WEMIX PLAY. VMed shared that this partnership would drive the upcoming GameFi development wave.

With its AI-powered verification system, Tangled offers a highly secure and trustworthy chatting experience by verifying the authenticity of accounts and profiles. Tangled also allows users to accumulate time points by chatting with others, which can be exchanged for TIPO tokens that can be swapped for various digital assets.

The Tangled Clock NFT comes in three grades that can be combined to create a higher grade NFT, which will yield more time points and longer chat times. The ultimate goal of Tangled is to offer a secure and pleasant chatting experience to its users.

The addition of liquidity by VMed to Uniswap caused a significant surge in the UNI token’s popularity, which was further amplified by Korean game developers’ growing interest in the WEMIX/USDC pool. With the launch of Tangled on the NILE platform, users can now enjoy a fresh and innovative approach to Web3 live chat.

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