Wemade debuts novel BAGC NEITH NFT powered by NILE

Wemade debuts novel BAGC NEITH NFT powered by NILE

South Korean blockchain powerhouse Wemade has propelled a novel Bored Ape Golf Club (BAGC) NFT collection accessed on NFT Is Life Evolution (NILE) marketplace. BAGC NEITH goes live on the NILE marketplace on May 4 after a great pre-sale of BAGC that attracted 40,000 concurrent users last year.

Bored Ape Golf Club (BAGC) NFT Collection in the market

According to the press release on May 4, the South Korean NFT powerhouse Wemade has released a new Bored Ape Golf Club (BAGC) NFT collection. The new collection features 110 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, which came to the market in 2022 courtesy of ALTAVA Group partnering with companies like The Sandbox.

The new BAGC NFTs gained popularity last year’s pre-sale period by attracting 40,000 coexisting users when it made rounds through pop-ups in major Korean stores.

The new collection available in NILE, the renowned first DAO-based NFT platform, came into the mix when the NILE platform brought together its NEITH Covenant and BAGC to develop 300 fashionable BAGC NEITH NFTs. The NFTs are based on a golf ball. 

Every box created is categorized into 4 groups (Eagle, Special, Hole-in-One, and Albatross), giving the holders unique advantages like accessing the golf country club. The holders can also receive a voxelized character entitled only to the Special Edition group of collections.

Composition of BAGC NFT

Buyers of the newfangled BAGC NFT will get two NFTs. The first will be a NEITH profile picture (PFP) and the other a MERCH NFT with items like Boston bags and t-shirts under BAGC sporting wear.

Wemade indicated that the sporting items would be available from September 2023. During this time, holders will also trade their BAGC NEITH PFPs to acquire a selected amount of WEMIX.

The new collection comes into the market at a time when NILE and ALTAVA Group are warming up for other partnerships that will benefit golfers and holders of WEMIX. Last year the ALTAVA Group raised more than 2.7 million through the BAGC private and whitelist sales.  

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