Web3 Gaming’s brightest stars set to shine at the GAM3 Awards 2023

Web3 Gaming’s brightest stars set to shine at the GAM3 Awards 2023

The second edition of the GAM3 Awards, a premier event celebrating the best in web3 gaming, is on the horizon. The grand finale, scheduled for December 14, promises to be a glittering celebration of the industry’s finest, spanning over a dozen categories. Winners will share a prize pool worth over $2M, sponsored by tech giants including Amazon, Google, Magic Eden, and Blockchain Game Alliance.

Celebrating Web3 gaming

Reflecting the maturation of the web3 gaming space, the GAM3 Awards 2023 will encapsulate a year brimming with innovation. GAM3S.GG, known as “the home of web3 gaming,” and Magic Eden, a community-centric NFT marketplace, will present the awards.

This year’s competition is shaping up to be fierce. New web3 titles, with their innovative gameplay, are contending for top honors alongside previous winners like Big Time and Shrapnel.

The best titles of 2023

The evaluation criteria for nominations are rigorous. Games are judged on aspects like core loop, accessibility, replayability, fun elements, graphics, and overall gameplay experience. However, certain categories like Most Anticipated Game and People’s Choice Award have different eligibility criteria.

The jury, a blend of industry veterans and thought leaders, includes representatives from web3 gaming VCs, chains, ecosystems, and traditional gaming leaders. Their decision will carry a 90% weightage, with community votes contributing 10%. However, categories like People’s Choice Award and Best Content Creator will rely entirely on community voting.

Previous edition

In 2022, the inaugural GAM3 Awards celebrated over 100 web3 games across 16 categories. The 2023 edition returns with these categories and introduces three new ones: Best Fighting Game, Best Sports Game, and Best On-Chain Game.

Brycent, last year’s Best Content Creator winner, saw a career boost post-award, including signing with XSET, a prominent American professional esports organization. This category, among others, returns this year.

Nominations open today

Presented by GAM3S.GG, GAM3 Awards celebrates high-quality web3 games, rewarding innovation and creativity at the intersection of blockchain and consumer entertainment. With new partners like Magic Eden, Amazon, and Google, the second edition aims to surpass its inaugural success.

Exclusive content, including interviews with finalists and jury members, will build anticipation ahead of the live event on December 14. The ceremony is not just an awards show but a landmark industry event where major announcements and exclusive content releases are expected.

Nominations open today, October 26th, on GAM3S.GG and will continue until the shortlist is announced. Last year’s awards attracted over 250,000 votes and were live-streamed to over 30,000 viewers, with finalists competing for a $1M prize pool. This year, expectations are even higher.

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