A new era for Web3 game streaming: Animoca Brands acquires Azarus

A new era for Web3 game streaming: Animoca Brands acquires Azarus

Leading Web3 company Animoca Brands has acquired Azarus, a blockchain-based streaming platform. The acquisition, announced recently, is set to integrate Azarus’ technology into Animoca Brands’ portfolio. This integration aims to boost streaming capabilities within Web3 games, although the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Reshaping Web3 gaming culture

The strategic move combines Azarus’ proficiency in blockchain-powered streaming with Animoca Brands’ expertise in digital game development. It aligns with the Animoca Brands’ broader vision of establishing a player-owned economy where digital property rights are in the hands of creators, gamers, and streamers.

Yat Siu, executive chairman of Animoca Brands, emphasized the significance of this acquisition:

“The acquisition of Azarus was a natural business decision that attests to our belief in the transformative power of web3 technology, (…) Together, we look forward to redefining the streaming landscape, making it more interactive, rewarding, and aligned with the open metaverse,”

Siu highlighted the similar energy and potential in Azarus, reminiscent of The Sandbox’s early days.

What to expect?

Animoca Brands aims to utilize Web3 as an incentivization layer, potentially transforming how gamers and streamers generate revenue. Azarus’ technology offers novel opportunities for gamers to monetize, engage their audience, and reward followers. This approach could lead to the creation of exceptional content, with viewers directly supporting their favorite creators.

Furthermore, Azarus’ decentralized streaming platform allows users to interact with viewers while using blockchain tokens to reward and incentivize. This technology is set to incentivize creators to explore the metaverse, carrying their audience along and unlocking new sponsorship opportunities.

About Azarus

Azarus, founded in 2018, revolutionized game streaming by introducing interactivity, moving away from traditional passive consumption. Its Overlay Games allowed streamers to integrate games and advertising directly into their streams.

The platform has gained acclaim for its video stream wallet and interactive games that engage audiences instantly. Azarus has already made significant strides in the industry, working with top brands and streamers to distribute over $2 million in rewards to more than 20 million unique players.

Alexander Casassovici, CEO of Azarus, expressed enthusiasm about the merger:

“Joining forces with Animoca Brands amplifies our vision. We’re not just enhancing streaming; we’re pioneering a movement where every viewer becomes an active participant, and every stream becomes an immersive experience,”

Immersive streaming experience

Animoca Brands’ acquisition of Azarus is not just a business transaction. It represents a significant shift towards a more interactive, rewarding, and decentralized gaming and streaming environment. This move could potentially redefine the relationship between creators, gamers, and their audiences, making it a landmark moment in the evolution of digital entertainment.

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