Web3 game Pixels migrates from Polygon to Ronin blockchain

Web3 game Pixels migrates from Polygon to Ronin blockchain

Web3 gaming sensation Pixels has officially announced its departure from the Polygon blockchain in favor of the Ronin, the network created by Axie Infinity’s parent company Sky Mavis.

Migration in process

Pixels will remain available on the Polygon chain until the migration process is finalized. The transition will offer an expanded avenue to tap into the varied products and experiences Sky Mavis offers. Additionally, the game will gain exposure to the large Axie Infinity community.

The CEO of Pixels, Luke Barwikowski, expressed the rationale behind the move:

“Sky Mavis is the only company that has achieved scale in Web3 gaming, so partnering with the team and migrating to Ronin, naturally made a lot of sense, (…) Collaborating with a team that operates not on assumptions, but hands-on, proven experience was a no-brainer. Migrating to Ronin and leveraging their wisdom simply felt like the next logical step in our journey.”

One of the leading Web3 games

A stalwart on the Polygon platform, Pixels has consistently been a standout with over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions.

Beyond its transaction record, the open-ended farming and exploration game garners substantial attention with over 100,000 active monthly wallets and a whopping 5,000 daily active users. Its robust presence is evidenced by its top ranking as the premier game on Polygon.

Polygon on a downtrend

This switch in allegiances comes on the heels of the testnet launch of Polygon and Immutable X’s joint venture, the Immutable zkEVM chain. Their collaboration is set to debut on the mainnet in the last quarter of 2023.

However, despite all the technological advancements made by Polygon Labs, their layer 2 blockchain continues to lose market dominance. Beyond Pixels, other projects like CyberKongz are also electing to migrate away from the chain. This move also includes leading exchange Binance, which recently announced it would cease supporting Polygon-based NFTs on its marketplace.

Another win for Sky Mavis

Sky Mavis’ COO, Aleksander Larsen, has been vocal about his optimism regarding the transition. He recognizes Pixels as the second largest Web3 game regarding real users.

Larsen enthusiastically stated:

“We’re excited to welcome the Pixels team to Ronin and offer our cutting-edge infrastructure and technology. This partnership doesn’t just benefit us – it brings immense value to our community. Pixels’ open world allows NFT collections to create unique spaces, hinting at a future where community members can develop an Axie space for even more social interaction.”

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