Web3 game NEOBRED rides high on Avalanche

Web3 game NEOBRED rides high on Avalanche

NEOBRED, a blockchain-based horse racing game, announced its integration with Avalanche, one of the most used layer 1 blockchains. This move promises to revolutionize the gaming landscape by offering a blazing fast and cost-effective web3 gaming experience.

NEOBRED: Horse racing on the blockchain

NEOBRED sets the stage where players dive into the world of horse breeding and racing. The game’s core revolves around breeding, training, and racing horses. Players aim to craft the fastest stables, relying on strategic genetic combinations and rigorous training. Races provide opportunities for top rankers to win lucrative prizes.

Each horse, upon retirement, turns into a GENE. This GENE carries its performance legacy and can be paired with DNA to create future generations. The game’s dynamics allow for diverse player roles, fostering a robust in-game economy. Some players might delve into breeding, others into training or racing, ensuring a perpetual demand for top-tier horses.

The game’s anticipated launch is set for later in Q4 of 2023.

Why Avalanche?

Avalanche stands as one of the quickest smart contract platforms, notable for its low fee structure. Its integration with NEOBRED is seen as a perfect match, as stated by a company spokesperson:

“We are excited to integrate with Avalanche and offer our players a new level of gaming performance and efficiency, (…) Avalanche’s speed, scalability, and low costs have the potential to make NEOBRED one of the most enjoyable blockchain horse racing games on the market.”

Ava Labs has its own gaming division and is adamant in developing its ecosystem with promising gaming dapps. In June, the organization released Arcad3, a project aimed at onboarding traditional game publishers to the blockchain. Ava Labs’ Head of Gaming, Ed Chang, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating:

“NEOBRED looks like it will take a proven on-chain game model with racing to the next level by improving gameplay.”

Finding success in Avalanche’s GameFi sector

Avalanche is celebrated for its speed, scalability, and security. The blockchain currently achieves scalability through subnets, the equivalent of layer 2’s on Ethereum.

The Avalanche ecosystem is a hub for various dApps, including DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, and gaming applications.

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Top Gaming Projects on Avalanche (Source: Dapp Radar)

If NEOBRED aims to find success within the Avalanche network, he will be in directed competition with established Web3 horse racing games like Pegaxy and Zed Run.

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