Web3 game “NEOBRED” joins Chainlink BUILD program

Web3 game “NEOBRED” joins Chainlink BUILD program

NEOBRED, a blockchain horse racing game, has galloped into the spotlight by securing a position in the Chainlink BUILD program. The program serves as a launchpad to nurture early-stage blockchain endeavors toward developing and launching robust products.

NEOBRED: NFT-powered horse racing

Built on the Avalanche blockchain, NEOBRED is a pioneering NFT horse racing game. It offers a simulated arena where players can own, breed, and race horses.

Beyond the thrill of racing, players can earn rewards by immersing themselves in races and accomplishing quests. The much-anticipated game launch is earmarked for Q4 of 2023, poised to bring a blend of entertainment and blockchain innovation.

By joining the Chainlink BUILD program, NEOBRED will have its developmental trajectory facilitated. Chainlink will extend its well of technical knowledge and community outreach to aid NEOBRED. The program also offers a gateway into the Chainlink community, a hub of eminent developers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain realm.

The Web3 horse racing game will also leverage Chainlink’s industry-leading Oracle infrastructure to amplify the security and transparency of its gaming environment. The membership unlocks access to an array of Chainlink’s alpha and beta product releases, dedicated technical support, and a vast network of collaborative partners within the program.

Joining other successful projects

NEOBRED has cast its net wider to collaborate and support diverse projects under the BUILD umbrella, including names like Bitcoin.com, Blueberry, Space and Time, Source Network, Planet IX, and Zaros.

Yosuke Utsumi, one of the blockchain game developers at NEOBRED, proclaimed his enthusiasm about the program:

“Our team is excited to be accepted into the Chainlink BUILD program, (…) This program will give us the resources and support we need to build a successful blockchain horse racing game, and continue to grow and engage our community post launch.”


Adding another feather to its cap, the team behind the horse racing game will be present at SmartCon, Chainlink’s acclaimed blockchain conference. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Barcelona from October 2-3, SmartCon aims to spotlight the groundbreaking advancements morphing the Web3 vision into reality. Yosuke Utsumi stated:

“We are looking forward to attending SmartCon and meeting with other blockchain developers and entrepreneurs, (…) We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to transform the gaming industry, and we are excited to be a part of this movement.”

The acceptance into Chainlink BUILD propels NEOBRED closer to its goal of reshaping the gaming narrative. This symbiotic affiliation elevates NEOBRED’s technical forte and intertwines it with a network of like-minded innovators, thus emboldening its stride toward a groundbreaking launch.

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