GameFi shooter “Citizen Conflict” unveils exclusive NFT drop on Magic Eden

GameFi shooter “Citizen Conflict” unveils exclusive NFT drop on Magic Eden

Web3 game Citizen Conflict is releasing its NFT collection called “ZODIAC ‘Magic Angel'” on Magic Eden. This drop, scheduled for today, follows the successful “Become the Citizen” NFT avatars.

Citizen Conflict NFT avatars

The “ZODIAC ‘Magic Angel'” NFTs offers players a unique way to engage in its dystopian battles. The drop features three exclusive skins for the popular hero Zodiac with cyberpunk aesthetics.

These skins transform Zodiac into a playable character with custom VFX and voiceovers. Buyers also receive lifetime access to the game, an airdrop of the in-game token $QORPO, and ten in-game loot boxes.

Zodiac’s three skin variants – “Sunfire”, “Ember Surge”, and “Magic Angel” – offer varying drop chances, each adding a unique flair to his character.

Alpha version 4.0

Spearheaded by gaming studio QORPO, Citizen Conflict prepares for its Alpha 4.0 launch.

Following three successful Alpha releases, each backed by $10,000 esports tournaments, the QORPO studio is excited about this ambitious build, set to appear on the Epic Store alongside the NFT drop on Magic Eden.

Meet Zodiac the Cyborg

Zodiac, a vengeful cyborg, has been voted by fans on the QORPO WORLD platform as their favorite Citizen Conflict hero. He is celebrated for his jetpack and sharpshooting skills.

The “Yellow Sunfire” edition, common and with a 60% drop chance, highlights Zodiac’s menacing presence. The “Red Ember Surge” edition, rarer with a 30% drop chance, embodies the power of wildfire. The “Pink Magic Angel” edition, the most elusive with a 10% drop chance, portrays Zodiac as a destructive force in the Magic Eden arena.

Owners of the “ZODIAC ‘Magic Angel'” NFT can enjoy several benefits. They get to play as the “Magic Angel” Zodiac in-game, featuring custom visual effects and voiceovers. Lifetime access to Citizen Conflict and eligibility for future esports tournaments with substantial prize pools are also included. The rarity of this NFT set, limited to 2,222 pieces, adds to its allure.

To become an early holder of the $QORPO token, buyers of the limited NFT collection are offered an airdrop. Additionally, they receive ten epic in-game rewards upon depositing the NFT into QORPO World.

Available on Magic Eden

The opportunity to own a part of Citizen Conflict history begins on Nov 14th at 4 PM UTC. The “ZODIAC ‘Magic Angel'” can be purchased for 39 MATIC on Magic Eden. The purchase grants access to the listed premium utilities and ten valuable Epic Loot Boxes when Zodiac is deposited on QORPO WORLD.

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