WAX and Amazon Prime Gaming join forces to enhance Web3 game ‘Brawlers’

WAX and Amazon Prime Gaming join forces to enhance Web3 game ‘Brawlers’

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) has teamed up with Amazon Prime Gaming. This collaboration aims to enrich the in-game experience for Brawlers, WAX’s flagship title.

WAX partners with Amazon

WAX, renowned for its robust Web3 ecosystem, joins hands with Amazon’s gaming wing. This partnership offers Prime Gaming members exclusive in-game content for Brawlers, a Web3 game recently added to the Epic Games Store.

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Brawlers on Prime Gaming (Source: WAX Medium)

Wrestling your way through Brawlers

Developed by WAX‘s gaming studio, backed by notable investors like OKX, Brawlers is a battler strategy game. It features eccentric wrestlers in player-versus-player (PvP) matches. The game’s in-game token, $BRWL, lets players craft assets and acquire captivating moves.

Brawlers offers a unique card game experience. Players use over 45 moves, from Choke Slams to “Steel Justice”. The game’s variety promises engaging gameplay.

The game’s design owes much to Richard Garfield, creator of the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. Last year, Garfield and Tyranno Studios, WAX’s gaming arm, crafted a new PvP mode for Brawlers.

Exclusive content for Prime Gaming members

Prime Gaming members can now enjoy monthly exclusive items. These include themed in-game cards and a chance to win one of the six unique brawlers. These brawlers will increase in rarity over time. Richard Garfield commented:

“Teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming marks a new chapter for Brawlers and the broader Web3 gaming sector,”

First game by Tyranno Studios

Launched in 2022, Brawlers is Tyranno Studios’ debut game. Michael Rubinelli, with 25 years in the gaming industry, leads Tyranno Studios. Rubinelli’s experience spans Disney, Playdom, Electronic Arts, and THQ.

For those eager to dive into the Brawlers via Amazon Prime Gaming, additional details are available on their Discord community.

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