Warner Bros. announces new NFT collection based on “The Flash” movie

Warner Bros. announces new NFT collection based on “The Flash” movie

Warner Bros. has confirmed the upcoming release of its new DC Comics superhero movie “The Flash” as an NFT. The digital offering will be available on the same day as the film hits traditional digital platforms.

Fastest Man Alive joins Web3

On July 18, fans will be able to purchase “The Flash” Web3 Movie Experience via blockchain service Eluvio, either by credit card or cryptocurrency. Ownership of the NFT offers 4K Ultra HD viewing of the movie, access to special features, an array of artwork, and the ability to unlock augmented reality (AR) collectibles.

Warner Bros. states that all digital content associated with the app will be hosted on the Eluvio blockchain, not merely the NFT access token. Fans will have a choice between two NFT offerings, each coupled with a random character-based key art, available in various degrees of rarity.

Premium and Mystery editions

The “Mystery” edition, limited to 10,000 copies, will retail for $35. It includes one of four pieces of key art and one of four dynamic menu interfaces revealed post-purchase. Featured art options include depictions of Prime Barry, Young Barry, Batman, or Supergirl.

In contrast, the “Premium” edition is available for $100 but has a much smaller pool with only 2,000 copies. This NFT showcases one of two pieces of motion art and all four dynamic menu interfaces. Additionally, it includes exclusive special features.

Owners of the “Premium” edition also get a redeemable voucher for a DC3 Super Power Pack NFT from the DC NFT Marketplace. The pack comprises a randomly chosen trio of digital comics, with rarity levels spanning from Common to Legendary.

Successful showing despite looming controversy

“The Flash” took to theaters just weeks ago and managed to rack up over $261 million at the box office despite the troubled production and controversies surrounding the leading actor, Ezra Miller.

The film follows the superhero Flash, who manipulates time to prevent a personal tragedy but ends up unintentionally altering history.

Another NFT movie by Warner Bros.

The forthcoming release of “The Flash” Web3 Movie Experience marks the third WB Movieverse NFT offering. Warner Bros. previously launched “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” in October and the 1978 “Superman” movie in June. Holders of these NFTs, along with DC Bat Cowl and DC3 NFT holders, get early access to the “Flash” NFT sale.

From August 1, fans will have the option to resell their “Flash” NFT through a community marketplace. Warner Bros. and Eluvio have touted this initiative as the first instance of a major studio film being simultaneously released as an NFT and on traditional digital platforms.

Eluvio’s co-founder and CEO, Michelle Munson, expressed excitement about the innovative release strategy, stating the “This is a chance for DC fans to own a piece of motion picture history.”

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