Wallet Wars NFT spaceships sell out in 5 minutes

Wallet Wars NFT spaceships sell out in 5 minutes

Wallet Wars, the Space Invaders-inspired game with a modern Web3 twist, witnessed its raW Pass NFTs flying off the virtual shelves this week. Balthazar DAO, the blockchain infrastructure developer, declared that the raW Pass NFT collection was completely sold out within a mere five minutes of its minting debut on Wednesday.

Access to in-game spaceships and DAO voting rights

For those unfamiliar, raW Pass is an assortment of 5,555 NFTs, introduced with a mint price of 0.035 Ether (approximately $5). Out of these, 555 NFTs are earmarked for the game’s treasury, ensuring an element of exclusivity.

The NFTs function as upgradeable spaceships for Wallet Wars. And the game, under the umbrella of Animoca Brands-supported Balthazar DAO, promises more than just retro nostalgia. Holders of these ship NFTs can bask in virtual space battles while gaining rewards and governance rights within the game.

Non-inflationary gaming NFTs

John Stefanidis, the co-founder and CEO of Balthazar DAO, highlighted a conscious move to produce non-inflationary NFTs, veering away from a speculative economy that has often mired the NFT space. The CEO’s message is clear: it’s all about authentic gameplay and a rewarding ecosystem for players and raW Pass holders.

Wallet Wars introduces $500,000 prize pool

The anticipation for Wallet Wars is palpable. As the first season gears up to launch at October’s end, Balthazar DAO has further sweetened the pot. They’ve announced that a staggering 90% of the net earnings, estimated to be around $500,000, will be set aside as a prize pool. It’s a clear nod to their commitment – enticing players to play in competitive fashion.

Only time will tell if Wallet Wars becomes a mainstay in the evolving world of blockchain gaming, but its initial success hints at a promising beginning.

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