Wakweli teams up with Blockchain Lawyers Group for Web3 Certification

Wakweli teams up with Blockchain Lawyers Group for Web3 Certification

Wakweli, a Web3 protocol, has teamed up with the Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG) to bolster its legal expertise and improve the Proof of Democracy consensus algorithm through deeper protocol refinements.

Blockchain law

With their extensive experience in blockchain and crypto-related matters, the Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG) is a worldwide network of legal professionals. This partnership seeks to provide companies operating in the decentralized ecosystem with accessible, competent, and qualified legal advice.

By participating in the validation of the initial certificates and providing support to strengthen the process, group members aim to maintain the market integrity of tokenized assets and increase their liquidity. This will establish Wakweli as the trust benchmark for the decentralized ecosystem.

Founder and Member of the Blockchain Lawyers Group, Miguel Dinis Lucas, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Wakweli, an innovative company striving to address a significant issue in the NFT space. He is confident that their collaboration will introduce novel levels of innovation and user-friendliness to the market.

Vital partnership

The collaboration between Wakweli and the Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG) is a noteworthy advancement towards providing competent and qualified legal guidance on blockchain and crypto-related matters. This partnership will foster deeper protocol refinements, bolster Web3 legal proficiency, and facilitate effortless access to legal advice for enterprises operating in the decentralized ecosystem.

Wakweli is a certification protocol for NFTs that strives to generate certificates of authenticity for tokenized assets to combat fraud in the expanding web3 ecosystem. In the previous year, the project launched its website, whitepaper, and Alpha, encouraging businesses to build on its layers and seek token grants from its on-chain treasury. A dedicated foundation will be established later this year to oversee the initiative.

NFT certificates of authenticity

The infrastructure protocol, which secured $1.1 million from investors in its initial funding round in 2023, produces certificates of authenticity for NFTs. The collaboration with the Blockchain Lawyers Group will add further value to this endeavor and help safeguard the dynamic and fervent web3 ecosystem.

The partnership will provide businesses with a secure and lawful path to operate in the Web3 arena. Wakweli’s innovative approach to countering fraud in NFTs and tokenized assets is now bolstered by the Blockchain Lawyers Group’s legal proficiency, consolidating the company’s standing as a frontrunner in the decentralized ecosystem.

By partnering with the Blockchain Lawyers Group, Wakweli can further its mission to establish a transparent and trustworthy NFT market. In addition, the collaboration will provide businesses with easy access to legal advice from blockchain and crypto experts across the globe.

This collaboration will bring benefits to both parties, as the Blockchain Lawyers Group’s network of legal professionals with vast expertise in blockchain and crypto-related matters will expand its scope, providing more value to its clients, while also enabling Wakweli to pursue its mission of creating a more transparent and trustworthy NFT market.

By joining forces, Wakweli and the Blockchain Lawyers Group are taking a crucial step towards legitimizing the decentralized ecosystem, which will foster wider adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies.

In the expanding blockchain and crypto market, legal expertise is increasingly crucial. This collaboration empowers businesses to operate securely and confidently within the decentralized ecosystem, cementing the importance of legal support in the rapidly growing market.

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