WAGMI Games hires industry experts to revolutionize web3 gaming

WAGMI Games hires industry experts to revolutionize web3 gaming

WAGMI Games, a major player in the entertainment and gaming industry, has revealed several high-profile hires set to spearhead the company’s transformation of web3 entertainment. The mobile-first gaming company has successfully recruited an all-star team from top global gaming studios.

All star team joins WAGMI

WAGMI Games is a community-led project that offers a unique crypto gaming experience with high-fidelity graphics, sustainable in-game economies, and vibrant communities. The project will now be expanding with new talent and top notch expertise.

Leading this web3 revolution is Esteban Gil, a veteran in the industry known for his role in the top-grossing mobile game Garena Free Fire and his tenure as LPM at Respawn and Apex Legends. At WAGMI Games, Gil will continue to utilize his expertise in business strategy development, focusing on creating consumer-oriented products.

Gil expressed his enthusiasm, saying:

“I’m excited to apply the skills and experience I’ve gained from the mobile space to the world of web3 and NFT technology. I believe that these technologies have the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, we can deliver even more engaging and immersive gaming experiences to our fans around the world.”

Further bolstering the company’s executive ranks is Brent Pease, former Director of Operations at Electronic Arts and founder of Industrial Toys. Now serving as the COO/GM of WAGMI, Pease will apply his seasoned operational experience to implement key growth strategies.

Pease shares his excitement for his new role, stating:

“I am honored to bring my 30 years of experience in building games and companies to this incredible team of passionate creators. This is the most exciting vision for players I have seen and I look forward to making amazing games at WAGMI that thrill our ever-growing community.”

Onboarding gamers into web3

With these strategic appointments, WAGMI Games aims to significantly increase the adoption of web3 games, currently a small fraction of the three billion-strong global gaming population. By reducing barriers to entry, such as onboarding friction and crypto wallet requirements, WAGMI Games hopes to make web3 games more appealing to the masses.

A formidable team of professionals boasting a history of developing and launching successful games has been assembled to tackle these challenges. This dream team will strive to optimize every aspect of the gaming experience, fully capitalizing on the advantages of web3.

CEO Ian Bentley is thrilled about these recent additions to the team, stating:

“To have AAA talent like Brent and Estaban join our team is a real testament to what we are building. They see clearly not only our vision as a franchise, but also this once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of history in evolving the gaming space.”

WAGMI Games’ strategy is comprehensive, encompassing everything from production and management to game balancing and marketing. The company has carefully selected the best talent for each role, strengthening its commitment to creating mainstream web3 games that resonate with players.

The fact that industry veterans like Gil and Pease have chosen to join WAGMI is a testament to the company’s vision and a strong endorsement of web3 gaming. Their expertise and professional networks will play a vital role in WAGMI’s expansion efforts, particularly in opening up mobile gaming to a new audience and facilitating the comprehensive redesign of the company’s game economy.

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