Vyvo Smart Chain announces new Apple Watch integration at Web Summit 2023

Vyvo Smart Chain announces new Apple Watch integration at Web Summit 2023

Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC), a pioneer in the HealthFi ecosystem, unveiled its latest innovation at the Web Summit in Lisbon. This update significantly expands the capabilities of its Data Non-Fungible Tokens (Data-NFTs) by integrating with Apple Watch through the Apple HealthKit, marking a significant leap in health data management and monetization.

Vyvo Smart Chain: Harnessing health data

VSC has been at the forefront of leveraging health data gathered from Internet of Things (IoT) wearable technology, making significant strides in how biometric data is collected, owned, and monetized. 

This recent development enables Apple Watch users to engage in data mining, transforming everyday health metrics into valuable assets through the unique application of blockchain technology. By empowering users with control over their data and its privacy, VSC sets a new standard in the health sector.

Vyvo Smart Chain
Vyvo Smart Chain. Source: Vyvo Website

VSC and Apple Watch: A game-changing partnership

The partnership between VSC and Apple Watch represents a colossal step forward. With over 110 million Apple Watch users worldwide, this integration opens up a vast new ecosystem for VSC. 

Users can now seamlessly connect their Apple Watches to the VSC ecosystem, allowing them to earn rewards in the form of $VSC by sharing their health data. This move not only diversifies the VSC ecosystem but also puts the power back in the hands of individuals, enabling them to take control of their health data and its inherent value.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch. Source: Apple

The future of health data: empowerment and innovation

The integration of VSC’s Data-NFT with Apple Watch is more than just a technical upgrade; it is a commitment to innovation and a testament to the potential of blockchain in transforming the health and wellness industry. 

The simple yet effective process of binding a Data-NFT to an Apple Watch and earning rewards in $VSC exemplifies the ease with which technology can be used to empower individuals. As we look forward, VSC’s vision of a more connected, controlled, and rewarding HealthFi ecosystem is becoming a reality, paving the way for a healthier, more data-empowered society.

Apple Health Kit
Apple Health Kit. Source: Apple
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