Vulcan Forged announces new Web3 game ‘Crystals of Fate’

Vulcan Forged announces new Web3 game ‘Crystals of Fate’

Vulcan Forged’s Elysium blockchain announced ‘Crystals of Fate’, a new game set to redefine the boundaries of web3 gaming, promising a unique blend of play-to-earn and strategic gameplay.

Vulcan Forged and Elysium

Vulcan Forged, a titan in the NFT gaming sector, has marked its territory in the digital world with a robust user base surpassing 200,000 enthusiasts. Its brainchild, the Elysium blockchain, emerges as a carbon-neutral network, tailor-made for gaming and metaverse innovations. 

The platform, fueled by the $PYR token, boasts an impressive portfolio, including VulcanVerse, Berserk, and the newest addition, ‘Crystals of Fate.’

Vulcan Forged announces that Crystals of Fate are now live on Elysium
Crystals of Fate now Live in Elysium. Source: Vulcan Forged

Crystals of Fate: A play-to-own card game on Elysium

‘Crystals of Fate’ is an innovative collectible card game that is compatible with both web2 and web3, thus inviting a broad spectrum of players. It challenges gamers to construct decks featuring legendary heroes and dive into strategic real-time battles.

The game introduces an active combat system, allowing for real-time player engagement, and promises to diminish the agonizing lobby waits. Combining free-to-play and play-to-earn models, the game does more than entertain; it rewards.

NFT sale scheduled for tomorrow

The NFT sale for ‘Crystals of Fate’ is scheduled for November 17th and will become a festival of digital collectibles, offering 17 unique packages including card packs, exclusive heroes, and more. The Genesis sale features a special 20% discount for Whitelist NFT holders across various packages. With 185 collectible cards in the Genesis set, the game is more than a battleground; it’s a collector’s paradise, backed by a team seasoned in gaming, blockchain, and startups.

Forging the future of Web3 gaming

‘Crystals of Fate’ also steps into the realm of in-game gambling, enabling players to wager on favorite players or guilds during tournaments.

Vulcan Forged’s Elysium and the forthcoming ‘Crystals of Fate’ offer an engaging, rewarding, and futuristic gaming experience. As web3 gaming continues to evolve, it promises a vibrant and transformative future for the industry, making ‘Crystals of Fate’ a game to watch out for.

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