VitalXP raises 3$ million to develop web3 shooting game

VitalXP raises 3$ million to develop web3 shooting game

VitalXP, a web3 gaming studio, has secured an extra $3 million in pre-seed funding for its debut game, Lowlife Forms. The funding was spearheaded by Streamlined Ventures and Marbruck Investments, indicating that Web3-centric games are still receiving investments despite the recent crypto market downturn and the challenging climate in the blockchain industry.

Lowlife Forms

Lowlife Forms is a shooting game that takes place in a science-fantasy universe with a humorous yet gritty tone. The game features a range of intriguing characters, such as alien smugglers, mercs, psycho crime lords, and droid bounty hunters.

VitalXP plans to store key game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain. The first playable character set will be available for purchase in March, with each character being sold for $100. VitalXP envisions Lowlife Forms as a multi-chain undertaking and intends to release future drops on Solana, Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms.

According to Tarik Malak, the creative director of Lowlife Forms, the team is thrilled to involve players and fans in their journey to shape both the game’s development and its fictional universe over time. Malak explained that community events and happenings might influence the game’s lore, and Lowlife Forms will inspire stories in various entertainment platforms such as animation and film.

As the community continues to grow, Malak expressed excitement about the possibility of introducing new characters and gangs that might become a part of the game’s intellectual property and storyline in the future.

VitalXP – Backstory and future plans

In 2019, VitalXP was founded with the goal of exploring the possibilities of blockchain gaming and may pursue additional funding later in the year.

Lowlife Forms is being developed with a focus on cross-media and cross-chain integration from the start. Creative director Tarik Malak has a fascination with the combination of science fiction and the criminal underworld, which led the team to explore the potential of NFTs in gaming beyond just cosmetic or collectible items. They are working to integrate NFTs into the game experience in innovative ways.

According to Malak, the NFTs in Lowlife Forms will allow players to access mods that can alter the gameplay experience, with the main focus being on extensive customization. He emphasized that the game is a legitimate and enjoyable experience and not just a casual game with gambling features. Even without the NFTs, the game can still be played and enjoyed, and the NFTs are meant to expand the gameplay possibilities.

VitalXP intends to utilize the funds from the financing round to complete the development of the inaugural installment of Lowlife Forms, slated for release on PC. The game’s concept revolves around the amalgamation of science fiction and the criminal underworld, presenting a satirical world. Malak emphasized that the game’s comedic value is crucial, and they do not treat themselves with excessive gravity.

According to Ullas Naik, the founder of Streamlined Ventures, VitalXP considers their work essential for both the entertainment and Web3 industries. Naik stated that the industry will witness a significant shift as ownership of digital game assets changes. Currently, players invest their time and resources into customizing game worlds, but the financial gain remains with the publishers. Naik believes that user-driven gaming economies will soon become the new standard.

Lowlife Forms is set to launch this year. The first set of NFT playable characters will be made available for purchase for 4.4 SOL each on March 9th through Magic Eden.

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