VeVe and Lamborghini join forces to offer exclusive NFT collectibles

VeVe and Lamborghini join forces to offer exclusive NFT collectibles

Automobili Lamborghini has partnered with VeVe to introduce the brand’s digital collectible NFTs, showcasing the legendary Lamborghini Huracán STO.

Lamborghini to launch exclusive NFT collection

On February 19, Lamborghini will launch the first-ever NFT collection that highlights the brand’s renowned Huracán STO series. The upcoming drop will be exclusively available to VeVe users. This will be a novel avenue for aficionados and collectors to showcase their love for the automobile brand.

Collectors can acquire unique and exclusive items showcasing their devotion to the brand through four distinct colorways and rarities, ranging from Uncommon to Secret Rare, for the Lamborghini Huracán STO digital collectibles. 

VeVe allows users to display their digital collections as 3D dioramas. Within the platform, diehard fans can share their collections with the world and explore the collections of their peers. The platform also features an augmented reality (AR) photo mode that enables collectors to interact with every digital collectible in 3D. 

The collaboration between Automobili Lamborghini, a premium automobile brand, and VeVe, a digital collectibles platform, marks an important milestone for the latter. David Yu, Co-Founder of VeVe stated:

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Automobili Lamborghini to expand their innovative ways into the digital realm and bring back one of the most iconic supercars of all time, the Huracán.”

Lamborghini drives into the cryptosphere head on

Nothing says crypto-rich like a brand-new Lambo. Everyone knows that cryptocurrency enthusiasts have a soft spot for the iconic Italian luxury sports car. However, not everyone knows that the feeling has been mutual for quite some time now. Yes, Lamborghini loves crypto back and it’s easy to know this just by looking at the company’s track record 

In November 2022, Lamborghini released an exclusive Aventador Coupe, accompanied by its own NFT. The Italian car company auctioned the last Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate coupe in April 2022, which was finally delivered to the winning collector. Along with the Lamborghini masterpiece, the collector received an exclusive NFT that was created in collaboration with prominent Krista Kim and Steve Aoki. 

Just one month prior, Lamborghini unveiled a metaverse tour for collectors of its NFTs. On October 20, the company tweeted that holders of limited versions of previously released NFTs would be entitled to its Epic Road Trip. The initiative was the fruit of a partnership with INVNT ATOM, a brand promotional firm that tells the story behind a business, and NFTPro, a marketplace for NFTs that has been verified by experts.

According to a blog post by Lamborghini, the NFT initiative was launched to commemorate the company’s 59 years in the car-making business. The drop was limited to 1,963 tokens, a reference to the year 1963 when the carmaker commenced operations. The holders of the Lamborghini NFTs were given a tour guide through the Lambo metaverse, which includes a virtual ride through Japan, Dubai, Italy, and New York.

Lamborghini’s NFTs have been well-received by the crypto community, with owning a Lamborghini being seen as a status symbol that signifies a crypto holder’s success. The latest collaboration with VeVe is just the latest in a long list of successful NFT initiatives that Lamborghini has picked up while on the road.

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