VeeFriends and Masters of the Universe epic crossover

VeeFriends and Masters of the Universe epic crossover

The playground of imagination just got bigger with a new collaboration between VeeFriends and the revered Mattel, specifically their iconic Masters of the Universe franchise. An action figure set mashes VeeFriend’s amicable Skilled Skeleton and sinister-looking Skeletor from Masters of the Universe.

Letting the skeletons out of the closet

At the heart of this collaborative narrative is Skeletor, the infamous nemesis from the classic He-Man & Masters of the Universe, a series with over 40 years of storytelling that highlights universal themes of heroism and self-empowerment.

The other pair of the collection, Skilled Skeleton, is a brainchild of the entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of VeeFriends. The NFT character stands as a symbol of optimism, accountability, and kindness, mirroring the core values of the VeeFriends community.

This incredible convergence between two imaginative realms is now immortalized through the Masters of the Universe Origins™ Skeletor® & VeeFriends™ Skilled Skeleton™ 2-Pack.

Villain and hero join forces in action-figure set

Diving into the specifics, the Skeletor figure is designed with meticulous attention to detail. It comprises three interchangeable faceplates, five swappable hands, the mighty Sword of Power, Havoc Staff, and 16 points of articulation, offering an immersive experience to the owners.

Conversely, the Skilled Skeleton figure is nothing short of spectacular with its glow-in-the-dark feature, six swappable hands, a detachable hood, robust armor, a shareable VeeFriends flex chain, and 10 points of articulation.

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The pack includes a mini comic strip, plunging deeper into the enchanting saga of Masters of the Universe. This narrative expansion furthers the adventure, offering a riveting storyline that mystically connects the two universes.

Release slated for October

The Skeletor & Skilled Skeleton ensemble is slated to be available for pre-order on October 6. Mattel Creations website will host this exclusive launch, heralding a seminal fusion between the vintage and the virtual, between a cult villain and a modern-day virtual hero.

It’s available for global shipping, with deliveries beginning in January 2024. There’s a cap of three packs per customer, ensuring fans have an equal opportunity to own this prized possession.

Perks for NFT holders

For Skilled Skeleton NFT holders, rewards are plenty. They’ll receive one free action figure set for each token they possess. They also gain access to a special Meet.VF call featuring Gary Vaynerchuk along with Mattel’s Senior Director of Product Design and Lead Packaging Designer.

Another successful venture by VeeFriends

The skeleton endeavor follows a prior successful partnership with Mattel, specifically the VeeFriends UNO collaboration, which, too, was lauded widely.

Since its inception in 2021, VeeFriends has courted alignments with celebrities and marquee brands like Johnnie Walker, Macy’s, Reebok, and Squishmallows. Each collaboration broadens the VeeFriends’ narrative, interlinking digital with the tangible, much to the delight of its growing community.

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