Upland unveils ‘Polemo Games’: A new play-to-earn title about war

Upland unveils ‘Polemo Games’: A new play-to-earn title about war

Upland, a leader in Web3 metaverse gaming, has unveiled its latest venture, Polemo Games. This innovative platform combines immersive gameplay with play-to-earn mechanics centered around the theme of polemology, the study of war and combat.

Polemo Games: Merging fun gameplay with blockchain elements

Hosted on the Upland platform, Polemo Games offers a rich environment where players can engage in community building and asset ownership.

The game operates on a blockchain-powered economy, allowing players to own in-game assets, such as weapons and characters, and earn real value. The use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent these assets underscores the game’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with gaming.

Accessible through Upland’s virtual map in a digital Arlington, Texas, Polemo Games invites players to the Polemo MetaFort. Here, they can engage in various mini-games, starting with the X Polemo Range shooting game. This platform encourages strategic skills, offering exclusive weapon packs for purchase with UPX tokens.

Sean Marra, CEO of Polemo Games, commented:

“Polemo Games is driven by a passion for gaming and a commitment to redefining the industry. Our platform empowers gamers and developers, creating a more equitable and enjoyable gaming experience for all.”

Available on PC, consoles, and mobile

The platform stands on the pillars of decentralization, inclusivity, and innovation, aiming to revolutionize how gamers play, connect, and earn. Available on PC, mobile, and consoles, the X Polemo Range offers a multi-platform experience.

Upland invites players to explore this new gaming experience by joining the community through their website. Additionally, Upland has announced plans for its Spark token, renamed “Sparklet” on Ethereum, to be tradable on exchanges. A White Paper detailing this has been approved by an 87% majority in the Upland community.

About Upland

Upland is a blockchain-based mobile strategy game mapped to the real world, aiming to create the largest digital open economy. With over 3 million registered accounts and 300,000 landowners, Upland is a diverse community of players, entrepreneurs, creators, developers, and brands. The platform offers activities like virtual property trading, world-building, collecting, and car racing, all within a thriving economy powered by UPX and Spark tokens.

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