Upland partners with ON1 FORCE to bring generative NFT Warriors to Japanese Metaverse

Upland partners with ON1 FORCE to bring generative NFT Warriors to Japanese Metaverse

Upland, one of the most renowned web3 metaverses, has announced its strategic expansion into Japan by partnering with the pioneering blue-chip anime PFP project, ON1 FORCE. Dirk Lueth, Upland Co-Founder and CEO, announced the new partnership during Asia’s leading blockchain conference, WebX.

Expanding to the land of the rising sun

The collaboration seeks to further Upland‘s growth in the Japanese market, timed to coincide with the opening of its Tokyo city. ON1 FORCE, recently acquired by crypto veterans Old Fashion Research (OLF), aims to promote a new generation of cross-platform IP, marrying comic book storytelling and web3 gaming.

ON1 FORCE will become part of Upland as the platform expands into Tokyo, marking the first Asian city to be represented on the platform. This groundbreaking move gives a peek into the future potential of PFP value creation within metaverse economies. While many NFT projects explore ways to add value for their holders, ON1 FORCE has decided to establish its “home and hub” in Upland’s digital replica of Tokyo.

Dirk Lueth spoke about the partnership, stating:

“The partnership between Upland and ON1 FORCE is supported by the fact that two strong communities are behind the momentum of their digital and physical presence.” He added, “While our entry into Japan is strategic for its growing strides towards web3 gaming, we are even more excited to support more blue-chip NFT communities to build their home in Upland.”

Upland’s Tokyo launch is eagerly awaited by the platform’s community of over four million registered players. Exclusive perks for ON1 FORCE NFT holders within the game include unique game-piece NFTs and the ability to claim a 1/1 derivative of their original ON1 FORCE NFT upon reaching “Director” status.

ON1 Force President and CEO Henry Finn expressed his excitement about the partnership, “Upland is an exciting platform that we are partnering with to expand our Japanese network and give Japanese artists and brands a way to connect with the outside world.” He praised Upland’s existing partnerships, such as FIFA and UNICEF, highlighting their potential to redefine metaverse concepts.

With Upland as a decentralized world, where players maintain complete ownership of their in-game assets, the ON1 FORCE community can create a unique presence in this dynamic metaverse. Post the Tokyo launch, the partnership will bring additional surprises for NFT holders, including exclusive wearable assets, map asset NFTs, and unique metaverse meetups.

Getting to know the Upland Metaverse

Upland, one of the largest blockchain-based metaverses, has a sprawling digital economy mapped to real-world locations. Accessible via web, iOS, and Android, it’s based on an open, user-driven economy with three core principles: Play, Earn and Connect. Upland is also dedicated to achieving carbon negativity through a partnership with Carbonfuture.

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