Upland and Nowhere announce partnership to create Metaverse ‘Cafes’

Upland and Nowhere announce partnership to create Metaverse ‘Cafes’

Today, Upland and the revolutionary virtual gathering platform, Nowhere, announced a significant partnership. This collaboration ushers in an immersive concept known as ‘Cafes’ in the metaverse, marking a major stride in Upland’s mission to become the metaverse’s premier hub and power the future digital economy.

Another Metaverse initiative by Upland

Upland’s reputation as an engrossing metaverse is well-established, with an ecosystem that enables creators, developers, and brands to create games, goods, and experiences.

Now, with Nowhere’s contribution, Upland adds immersive spaces for players to socialize with spatial audio, live stream presentations, upload content, play games, and exhibit their 3D avatars without leaving the Upland environment.

This integration heralds the introduction of Metaventure Cafes – location-based social spaces within the platform, enabling players to engage and monetize in entirely new ways.

“Cafes are an exciting milestone in our vision to empower communities to easily socialize and share experiences with each other in Upland. We are solidifying our position as a metaverse leader by deepening the opportunities our communities and brand partners have to offer full 3D immersion, and Cafes are just the beginning.” – Upland Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Idan Zuckerman.

Hanging out in digital cafes

Exclusive to Upland, these Cafes are constructed on geo-located properties linked to the real-world Upland map. Within these digital spaces, community members can appreciate their local in-game streets, neighborhoods, cities, and other map assets in full 3D immersion. Members enter Cafes with their avatar, which they can outfit with digital wearables from an extensive library that includes designs from various Upland brand partners.

“Partnering with Upland marks a milestone for the metaverse. You’re hanging out with people from around the world inside an immersive cafe, overlooking a player-generated virtual city mapped to the real world. We believe this will foster community strength and anticipate the exciting opportunities this partnership will cultivate.” – NOWHERE Co-Founder and CEO, Jon Morris.

Utilizing the sophisticated 3D technology provided by Nowhere, players are soon to have the capability to design, personalize, and manage their Metaventures on a worldwide scale. By merging Upland’s active virtual real estate game with Nowhere’s visually compelling virtual world platform, Upland and Nowhere are on track to become the most active web3 metaverse worldwide.

As the metaverse continues to evolve, it’s reshaping digital interaction and experience. This alliance between Upland and Nowhere exemplifies the transformative power of immersive 3D experiences. All Uplanders are enthusiastically invited to discover the ‘Cafe’ feature, available on iOS and Android mobile apps and the web.

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