Upland and KABOOM! organize NFT sale for social good

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Upland and KABOOM! organize NFT sale for social good

Upland, a pioneer in the burgeoning web3 Metaverse SuperApp domain, along with its thriving community, has announced a new partnership with KABOOM!, a reputable national nonprofit devoted to fighting inequity through the construction of playgrounds.

Upland leverages web3 for a better society

The collaboration has been initiated by Upland enthusiast and the voice behind “Perpetual Good in the Metaverse” on Twitter, UCC Dak, whose advocacy centers around harnessing web3 technology and user-generated content (UGC) to champion real-world societal causes via decentralized fundraising.

The plan is to unveil novel revenue avenues and markets, as well as foster newer generations’ engagement with mission-centric organizations.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this alliance, UCC Dak shared:

“Being a big kid at heart, the mission of KABOOM! resonates with my core values. The idea of creating joyous play spaces, especially the enthralling Dino slide, brings out the child in me!”

User-generated NFT playgrounds

Reflecting UCC Dak’s altruistic vision towards web3 technology, the alliance between Upland and KABOOM! is set to launch with a sale of five user-generated map assets (NFTs), encapsulating the essence of playgrounds brought to life by KABOOM! across the nation.

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At the core of this initiative are the KABOOM! playground map assets, envisioned and created by The Toss-Shak, an in-house 3D design studio within Upland. The trio of Upland enthusiasts, TossHed, Shaktikyn, and Fadi04, form the crux of this studio. The playground-inspired NFTs for Upland include:

  • The KABOOM! Dino: A singular play structure, embodying the essence of imagination and adventure. It’s not merely a play space, but a conduit for physical growth and social camaraderie.
  • KABOOM! Swings: The quintessential playground feature, offering exhilarating airborne escapades for youngsters.
  • KABOOM! Monkey Bars and Loop Monkey Bars: The traditional and the loop variation, present boundless opportunities for playful swinging, climbing, and dangling.
  • KABOOM! Crescent Monkey Bars: An innovative twist on the classic, adding a dash of excitement to any play area.

In the words of KABOOM! Senior Fellow James Siegal:

“We at KABOOM! are mission-driven builders—committed to rekindling the innocent joys of childhood often elusive to many kids. The collaboration with the Upland community resonates with our ethos of crafting a brighter world, and this venture of virtual playgrounds in Upland’s realm is a stepping stone towards accelerating our mission. Together, we envision literally putting playgrounds on the map, nurturing a more joyful world for every child.”

Upland’s Chief of Staff, Danny Brown Wolf, echoed the excitement, stating:

“The partnership with KABOOM!, an organization synonymous with transforming communities and enriching young lives, is monumental. Their relentless endeavor in offering safe, creative play spaces resonates with Upland’s aim of leveraging technology to uplift community life. By pooling our expertise, we aspire to develop inclusive, futuristic play environments, imprinting a lasting legacy for future generations.”

KABOOM! expanding in Chicago

At the heart of this collaboration, KABOOM! will be extending its physical presence by establishing a new outpost in Chicago, within Upland’s metaverse—a unique platform mirroring the real world. The KABOOM! office will encompass a factory and showroom, located at strategic locales in Upland, Chicago, which are symbolic to the KABOOM! cause.

Located at 6727 South California Avenue, the KABOOM! showroom shares its address with a real-world playground, a collaboration with Catalyst Schools a decade ago. It overlooks Marquette Park, a site echoing with historical rallies led by Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Chicago Freedom Movement in 1966, advocating equitable access to recreational facilities among other civil rights.

Another significant locale is the KABOOM! Factory at 10402 S Maryland Ave, Chicago, IL 60628, situated a stone’s throw away from a poignant playground, symbolic of community reconciliation in the historic Pullman neighborhood.

Available in Play and App Stores

The KABOOM! Map Assets within the Upland Metaverse are set to be accessible on Google Play and the App Stores, besides a web platform for an immersive user experience, marking a significant stride towards fusing digital innovation with tangible social impact.

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