Upland adds Samba-based digital wearables to its Metaverse

Upland adds Samba-based digital wearables to its Metaverse

The introduction of the Mangueira Wearable Legits will allow Uplanders to personalize their 3D avatars and imbue them with a Brazilian twist with digital wearables.

Samba your way into Upland

The sale will begin April 11th, at 9 AM PT. The Upland Store will display the price and quantity of the available bundles. Users will have the chance to register for the sale of the Mangueira Wearable Bundle between April 10th, at 10 AM PT, and April 11th, at 8 AM PT.

Users who wish to create and customize their own 3D Avatar in Upland, will have the assistance of a video tutorial created by the Upland developers.

Renowned Samba school from Rio de Janeiro

For almost a century, Mangueira has been a prominent samba school in Rio de Janeiro, recognized for their unique and eye-catching costumes. With the introduction of the Wearable Legits, Uplanders now have the opportunity to flaunt these costumes too. By enabling players to customize their avatars according to their personalities and interests, the Wearable Legits encourage deeper engagement with the Upland world.

Upland continuous expansion through Brazilian themes

Upland is a blockchain-based virtual world that mirrors the real world, where users can purchase, sell, and trade virtual properties. Although still in its early stages, Upland has already established a vibrant community of users and recently celebrated the Brazilian carnival in fashion by bringing it into the metaverse.

This inaugural Wearable Legit sale in Upland is an exhilarating opportunity for players to obtain one-of-a-kind virtual items that they can display to other Uplanders. As wearable costumes and accessories are still in the developmental phase, players can anticipate additional customization options to personalize their avatars further in the future.

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