Unmasking a cyber scoundrel: YouTuber ‘Blue’ accused of NFT scam by ZachXBT

Unmasking a cyber scoundrel: YouTuber ‘Blue’ accused of NFT scam by ZachXBT

On-chain cryptocurrency detective ZachXBT has announced a new probe targeting the well-known YouTuber and collector “Blue.” The digital detective has linked Blue to the infamous NFT phishing collective, known ominously as the “Monkey Drainer.”

‘Blue’ – From collector to culprit

In a blog post dated July 10, ZachXBT unveiled preliminary research suggesting that Blue, whose real name is “Jack,” is associated with this notorious scam. The crypto investigator asserts that Blue has been collaborating with several phishing services, including Monkey Drainer, to steal NFTs worth over $1.5 million.

ZachXBT’s evidence indicates that Blue embarked on this deceptive path in 2021, just as the NFT market began to flourish. As Blue cultivated a YouTube following of more than 122k subscribers through gaming and trolling content, he was also allegedly radicalizing others to join his non-fungible token phishing network.

Monkey Drainer – The phishing phenomenon

Operating under the pseudonym “Monkey Drainer,” these phishers exploit smart contracts to abscond with non-fungible tokens through a method known as “ice phishing.” Since its emergence in late 2022, the Monkey Drainer scheme has stolen a staggering $24 million.

Detective ZachXBT has linked Blue to the Monkey Drainer by tracing the same domain, “Cool-breeze.eth,” which Blue used to acquire his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. This domain reportedly received a third of the stolen funds from eight addresses associated with Monkey Drainer phishing scams, suggesting a connection between Blue and the infamous phishing group.

The luxurious spoils of cybercrime

It seems that Blue’s ill-gotten gains have funded a life of luxury. Evidence suggests that the stolen funds were splurged on lavish watches, expensive cars, designer shoes, items on the Roblox platform, and gambling stakes on Stake. Worryingly, despite pocketing such a significant sum, Blue shows no signs of curbing his illicit activities.

In fact, earlier this month, Blue and his accomplices allegedly stole 61.5 ETH from LoveMake.eth during a phishing attack. The scammers then divided the loot, leaving Blue with 49 ETH and 74,000 USDT after paying the drainer fee. Known for spamming Twitter with verified accounts, Blue seems poised to extend his operations to Thread, a new social media platform akin to Twitter.

Fighting against cyber fraud

As the digital world grapples with the rise of NFT scams and phishing attacks, crypto detectives like ZachXBT are leading the charge to unmask and expose the perpetrators. By connecting the dots and revealing the faces behind the aliases, they’re safeguarding the integrity of the burgeoning NFT market.

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