UnicornDAO and Sotheby’s to host the 2023 international women’s day art auction

UnicornDAO and Sotheby’s to host the 2023 international women’s day art auction

UnicornDAO has built a collaboration with Sotheby’s to host an auction themed “my body, my business” today in Manhattan, New York.

The auction proceeds will be used to support planned parenthood 

The week-long auction will commence on March 7 and end on the 14th. It is themed “my body, my choice,” a title work provided by the Swedish-American conceptual artist and activist Michele Pred. A historic 32 women-identifying artists graced today’s auction. 

Its curator is a Russian activist and co-founder of UnicornDAO, Nadya Tolokonnikova, in conjunction with her company, UnicornDAO. Famous female artists in physical and digital art will have art in the auction, including Maggie West, Sarah Meyohas, Ellen von Unwert, Nancy Baker Cahill, Sofia Crespo, and Fawn Rogers.

Through her Twitter page @pussyrrriot, Tolokonnikova explained that the auction benefits planned parenthood as women gravitate toward equality. She noted that her experience in artistic and activist encounters has reaffirmed that solidarity within women is “incredibly strong.” Tolokonnikova added that solidarity exists and is a fuel for women to gain actual equality. 

Furthermore, she emphasized that apart from supporting planned parenthood, the auction will give a platform to all women artists globally, thus supporting and elevating them.

‘When we are together, we are stronger,’ Tolokonnikova

Tolokonnikova is the creator of the Russian feminist music group, Pussy Riot, based in Moscow. She is also a staunch activist fighting for women’s equality by participating and performing in protests in Russia. Activism against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, landed Tolokonnikova in jail for a 2-year sentence.https://youtu.be/EtlQgs0-Lrw

She co-founded UnicornDAO, a digital non-fungible token collector decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) devoted to women and the LGBT movement. In partnership with Sotheby’s auction house in Manhattan, she seeks to promote more equality, planned parenthood, and the right of choice globally. We all celebrate her efforts toward equality today. Happy international women’s day to all women.

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