Ubisoft’s Rabbids make it into Reddit Collectibles as Free NFTs

Ubisoft’s Rabbids make it into Reddit Collectibles as Free NFTs

The release of Rabbids avatar NFTs on Reddit has sent users into a frenzy, with various versions quickly selling out. The mischievous Rabbids are making a splash on Reddit.

Get your Rabbid avatars

Ubisoft’s beloved Rabbids, those iconic white alien rabbit creatures famous for their appearances in numerous games and collaborations, including the memorable partnership with Nintendo’s Mario, have now become available as complimentary NFT avatars on the renowned social forum site.

Within the realm of Polygon NFTs, these captivating “digital collectibles” proudly display various Rabbids adorned in diverse attires and striking poses. From a disgruntled knight brandishing a plunger to a gleeful unicorn rabbit clutching a golden plunger—the beloved weapon of choice from the early Rabbids games—the range of options is truly enchanting.

Can Rabbids become as popular as the Snoo avatar?

The impact of Rabbid NFTs on Reddit is undeniably noteworthy, as it seems they are already more successful than Reddit Collectibles Gen 3.

Back in July 2022, when Reddit introduced its coveted “Snoo” NFT avatars, users eagerly pursued them, resulting in one of the most remarkable brand NFT launches in history. As of the present moment, all the available “Plunger Rabbid” and “Unicorn Rabbid” avatars have been swiftly claimed by enthusiasts and are presently designated as “sold out” on Reddit’s website.

Drawing inspiration from Reddit’s iconic extraterrestrial mascot, the Snoo NFTs have achieved an astonishing market capitalization exceeding $330 million, as reported by data from the Dune dashboard. Reddit has generously distributed over 13.5 million Polygon NFTs, embracing a remarkable 9.7 million distinct wallets, primarily gifting these digital treasures to its user base. Moreover, the NFTs from Reddit have facilitated an impressive secondary sales volume surpassing $32.6 million, with nearly 300,000 transactions taking place.

Relentless pursuit of web3 gaming by Ubisoft

Both Reddit and Ubisoft are actively engaged in the pursuit of digital ownership via NFTs. While Ubisoft faced criticism for its initial venture into NFTs, particularly concerning Tezos NFTs in the PC edition of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the CEO has expressed the studio’s ongoing exploration of the potential offered by this technology.

Ubisoft’s dedication to crypto-related endeavors is further exemplified by their recent partnership with Integral Reality Labs (IRL) for the introduction of “Smart Collectibles” within the Assassin’s Creed franchise. However, the lack of in-game utility has made the gaming community hesitant about the NFT collection.

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