Ubisoft’s collaborates with Cronos to bolster NFT Gaming

Ubisoft’s collaborates with Cronos to bolster NFT Gaming

Ubisoft, the video game giant behind massive franchises such as “Assassin’s Creed”, “Far Cry”, and “Prince of Persia”, announced it would operate as a validator on the Cronos network, an open-source blockchain network that is interoperable with Ethereum and Cosmos.

Ubisoft becomes a Cronos validator

Ubisoft, one of the few traditional gaming studios unafraid to delve into Web3, will produce and validate new blocks on the Cronos network as transactions occur.

The gaming studio, which previously served as a mentor in the Cronos Accelerator Program in 2022, will now be joining the 27 other Cronos blockchain validators, including notable cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.com and infrastructure firm Blockdaemon. A larger number of validators typically signifies a more decentralized network.

Ubisoft’s strategic alliance with Cronos Labs intends to leverage blockchain technology to its maximum potential. The gaming giant is slated to collaborate closely with the developers of Cronos Labs to develop blockchain gaming further, capitalizing on the expertise of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab.

Cronos Labs Managing Director, Ken Timsit, stated in a blog post:

“We look forward to leveraging their enthusiasm for blockchain technology and being challenged by their team as we progress on the technical and ecosystem roadmap of the Cronos chain,”

Another Web3 investment by Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s backing of Cronos represents the publisher’s most recent attempt to embed itself in the NFT gaming realm. This decision follows years of launching proprietary blockchain games, supporting various platforms, and making investments in related projects.

The company is in the process of creating ‘Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles’, a tactical role-playing game that was announced on the Oasys blockchain network late last month. While the Assassin’s Creed NFTs and other Web3 ventures haven’t been well received by gamers, the Rabbids-themed NFT experiment has been a success.

Throughout its journey in the blockchain world, Ubisoft has been a supportive participant in the Tezos, Hedera, Axie Infinity, and Sorare ecosystems, along with the EOS-based crypto gaming marketplace Ultra. The company also has a history of supporting numerous crypto and NFT startups via its Entrepreneurs Lab program.

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