Ubisoft unveils free NFTs for upcoming ‘Champions Tactics’ game

Ubisoft unveils free NFTs for upcoming ‘Champions Tactics’ game

Ubisoft, the renowned creator of the Assassin’s Creed series, has taken a bold step into the blockchain world by announcing a free Ethereum NFT mint for its upcoming game, Champions Tactics. This move, revealed via a Twitter post, demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to integrating blockchain technology in gaming.

Ubisoft announces free Ethereum NFTs

In a strategic play, Ubisoft plans to release a series of profile picture NFTs (PFPs) linked to Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. Users interested in these NFTs will only need to cover the Ethereum network gas fees to mint them.

Designed to mirror the aesthetic of vintage pixelated heroes, the Warlords PFPs offer more than just a nod to nostalgia. According to Ubisoft’s official website, holding these NFTs grants early access to mint in-game Champions figurines, which will also be available for free.

A total of 9,999 Warlords NFTs are planned, with a distribution strategy that includes 8,000 for general mint, 1,000 reserved for the Oasys community, and the remaining 999 retained by Ubisoft for future marketing and giveaways.

Ubisoft’s marketing strategy extends to social media, where the company is actively engaging Twitter users. By liking, retweeting, and commenting on the announcement tweet, users can secure a spot on the allowlist for minting these NFTs. The company plans to randomly select 50 eligible users for this privilege, offering them exclusive access to a private Discord server dedicated to the game.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, first introduced in June, has gradually unveiled its contours in recent weeks. Ubisoft’s latest information points towards an online strategy game. Players will engage in battles using fantasy characters resembling tabletop figurines, with a promise of “thousands of unique, powerful Champions.”

Adding to the intrigue, the gaming giant has teased elements that resemble trading cards, suggesting a multifaceted strategic gaming experience. While details remain sparse, this blend of traditional gaming and crypto elements has piqued the interest of the gaming community.

Slated for a PC release in early 2024, Champions Tactics is shaping up to be a significant milestone for the GameFi sector. With its foray into blockchain technology, Ubisoft is not only expanding its own horizons but also paving the way for new gaming experiences in the industry. As anticipation builds, gamers and crypto-enthusiasts alike are keen to see how this venture unfolds in the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming.

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