Ubisoft continues Web3 push with Rabbids NFTs in The Sandbox

Ubisoft continues Web3 push with Rabbids NFTs in The Sandbox

Ubisoft, the acclaimed video game publisher responsible for fan-favorite franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, remains steadfast in its pursuit of Web3 innovation. The latest addition to Ubisoft’s growing arsenal of crypto industry endeavors is the release of Rabbids NFT avatars for The Sandbox.

Ubisoft continues its blockchain-friendly approach

Ubisoft launched yesterday the sale of 2,066 Rabbids avatars via the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon, at a price of 100 SAND each, which is currently valued at approximately $78.

The NFTs come in different designs that will be revealed to buyers on Friday and are specifically themed around the Lunar New Year in celebration of the upcoming year of the rabbit in 2023. Initially, the sale was exclusively available to users who were added to an allowlist, with the public sale set to commence on Wednesday.

Rabbids NFT collection

The avatars of the Rabbids will serve as a crucial tool for upcoming benefits in The Sandbox, such as possible future drops. On February 28, a Rabbids gaming world with a restricted number of playable experiences is scheduled for launch in The Sandbox.

A year ago, Ubisoft unveiled its intentions of introducing Rabbids figures into The Sandbox, but it is only today’s release that enables players to procure Rabbids avatars for their gameplay. The Sandbox had earlier incorporated Rabbids characters into its NFT Institute encounter in September 2022 and unveiled Rabbids-themed NFT objects and accessories.

As an eminent video game publisher, Ubisoft has been at the forefront of exploring the prospects of NFTs and Web3. Back in 2018, the company designed an NFT game prototype named HashCraft, resembling Minecraft, but it was eventually abandoned. Despite that, Ubisoft pushed ahead to expand its involvement in the crypto industry, partnering with the Web3 fantasy sports venture Sorare to develop One Shot League, which utilized pre-existing Ethereum NFT soccer player cards

Introducing Tezos-based NFTs to the PC edition of Ghost Recon Breakpoint was a defining instance in Ubisoft’s Web3 initiatives, as it interlinked NFT assets with a standard video game that initially lacked NFT capabilities. With the launch of “Quartz” NFTs, gamers were able to amass and exchange distinctive weapons and equipment for the team-based shooter, but the venture struggled to generate significant demand in the secondary market.

Ubisoft persisting despite gamers backlash

In spite of the controversy encircling NFTs in gaming, Ubisoft has persisted in venturing into the Web3 arena. In September 2022, Yves Guillemot, the CEO of Ubisoft, declared that the corporation was still exploring the prospects of Web3 deployment and acknowledged that the launch of Quartz NFTs had been a trial and an ongoing project.

Following that, Ubisoft has made investments in companies such as the metaverse investment firm Animoca Brands and the game manufacturer Horizon. Additionally, it joined hands with cloud storage startup Aleph.im to produce wholly decentralized smart contracts on Tezos.

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