Ubisoft appears to have canceled the NFT game “Project Q”

Ubisoft appears to have canceled the NFT game “Project Q”

Ubisoft gaming studio has canceled Project Q, a game that was supposed to be released in mid-2022 but failed to please gamers. It revealed a multiplayer experience and was supposed to immerse fans in a team-based combat arena. As soon as this entertainment was announced, doubts quickly began to arise. Find out why Ubisoft canceled it.

Why is Project Q being shunned by gamers?

Ubisoft did not tell anything official about the nature of Project Q during the initial announcement. However, video game fans were quick to speculate that NFT and blockchain-related products would be part of the project. That’s why most gamers don’t show enough love for this blockchain game from Ubisoft.

The reason they feel this way is because a new proprietary tool to sell NFTs within games has just been released. It is called Ubisoft Quart, and Project Q seems to be related to it. Since this tool did not succeed in gaining a large audience, its creators are considering abandoning the initiative.

For this reason, the company considers Ubisoft Quartz a simple research tool. As proof, a few weeks after the announcement of the launch of Project Q, the company clearly denied the fact that it could include NFT. However, the wording that states the ownership of the game has not changed. These various speculations about the nature of the game have been met with resistance by the gaming community.

Is Project Q really ancient history?

It would seem that it is no longer a rumor, as Ubisoft has confirmed the cancellation of Project Q. Indeed, the development of this game would have been completely stopped to put the developers on other more urgent productions. A company spokesperson officially gave this information to Eurogamer. Moreover, this game is one of three that the company will not be able to launch.

The representative of this structure clearly indicated that the game is on standby to make room for other projects with a much higher priority. It is clear that, for the moment, nothing has been leaked about the games on which the company’s teams are currently working. 

But according to rumors, some developers could join the Skull & Bones teams. It is important to note that the release date of the latter has also been postponed 6 times. Others are apparently working on Beyond Good & Evil 2, which we haven’t heard much about since its reveal at E3 2017.

Finally, there’s also the Assassin’s Creed license which is due to take a crucial turn following its Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla RPG and Mythology trilogy. So some of the company’s developers may be moving back in that direction instead.

Everything you need to know about the situation with the code name Project Q

This game consists of a team battle arena that gives each participant a unique experience. It is not yet officially released, its developers report that it is in the testing phase. It is, therefore, possible to sign up to provide your evaluation.

Players could actually own in-game items and priorities, including virtual houses that can cost around 900,000 USD or 1.3 million AUD.

The concept of video games is very much linked today to the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFT). There are also many blockchain-based games that promise to provide their own personal slice of gaming to players. Many companies that want to exploit gamers offer digital assets.

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