Ubisoft and Immutable forge new alliance

Ubisoft and Immutable forge new alliance

Ubisoft, the powerhouse behind such titles as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, is venturing further into the realm of blockchain gaming. This time, the video game publisher is collaborating with Immutable, a crypto infrastructure and gaming company, to create a new “Web3 gaming experience”.

Unlocking the potential of blockchain gaming

The project, as announced, promises to unlock the potential of Web3 by building a unique gaming experience. Immutable, known for the Immutable X layer-2 blockchain used in popular games like Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians, is set to bring its expertise to this partnership.

Nicolas Pouard, VP of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab and leader of the company’s blockchain initiatives, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“We’re excited to partner with [Immutable] and look forward to bringing that level of fluidness within a full-fledged game, so players only have to focus on the fun of the experience,”

Immutable’s CEO and co-founder, James Ferguson, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the aim of offering “digital ownership” to players. He expressed confidence in delivering a unique experience that players will enjoy.

“We plan to bring the full weight of our ecosystem to bear to ensure the partnership’s success,”

Scarce details

The specifics of this project remain shrouded in mystery. It could be anything from a new blockchain game, an integration of Immutable into an existing Ubisoft game, or even exclusive NFT collectibles similar to the Assassin’s Creed collection.

A representative from Immutable, when prodded for more details, remained tight-lipped, promising that “more info” would be shared in the future.

Ubisoft’s Web3 ventures

Ubisoft is no stranger to the NFT and blockchain gaming scene. The company has already dabbled in NFTs with its Rabbids game, released in The Sandbox and on Reddit. In 2021, the gaming giant introduced free Tezos NFTs in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. However, support for these NFTs ceased in April 2022, with the company hinting at plans to integrate the technology into future games.

In a bold move earlier this year, Ubisoft announced the development of Champions Tactics, a tactical RPG on the Oasys blockchain, and became a network validator for the Cronos blockchain.

This new collaboration with Immutable signifies Ubisoft’s deepening commitment to exploring the frontiers of gaming and blockchain technology. As the gaming world watches with anticipation, this partnership between Ubisoft and Immutable could mark a significant milestone in the blockchain gaming industry.

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