Trump’s NFT collection pumps following first court appearance

Trump’s NFT collection pumps following first court appearance

Donald Trump’s digital trading card collection saw a surge in sales following the former president’s court appearance in New York City on Tuesday. The collection, released in December, features Trump’s likeness on tokens that buyers can purchase for $99.

Sales spike following the controversial arrest

The 30 sales made in the hour after Trump’s court appearance represent a 462% increase in activity for the token holders, who had previously been dormant. Over the course of the next six hours, 47 more tokens were sold. While this was a large increase in activity, it is relatively small compared to other top-trending collections in the NFT space.

The floor price for Trump’s NFT collection has stayed steady at around 0.5 ether (roughly $930). However, the NFTs representing the sweepstakes prizes associated with the Trump Digital Cards have had zero sales in the last six hours.

Not guilty, your honor

Trump was in Manhattan criminal court to be arraigned on 34 felony criminal charges of falsifying business records. He pleaded not guilty.

Despite the charges, the former president maintains a strong following and has released a video appeasing his fanbase. The video has apparently not been well received by the mainstream media, with Rolling Stone stating that Trump struggled to defend himself in his post-arrest speech.

It is unclear whether the surge in sales for Trump’s NFT collection will continue in the coming days or whether it was a temporary blip. However, the recent court appearance and charges against the former president have kept him in the headlines, which could continue to drive interest in his digital tokens.

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