Trump finds his way back on Facebook and Instagram, a big boost to his NFT collection

Trump finds his way back on Facebook and Instagram, a big boost to his NFT collection

Meta announced the reinstatement of Trump’s account on February 9 after serving a two-year ban allowing Trump to promote his embattled NFT experiment.

Green light to use Facebook and Instagram

After a two long year ban, it is a relief for the former American President, Donald Trump, to see Meta, the parent company owning Facebook and Instagram, lifting his ban on the social platforms. Meta spokesperson informed media platforms that the company had restored the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the republican leader, and he is free to post on the platforms.

Reinstatement of the accounts follows the previous announcement on January 25 when the company hinted at restoring the funds in the “coming weeks.” According to the Meta spokesperson, the company took time to restore the accounts since they were implementing guardrails on the two accounts that could necessitate another ban if he breaks the set rules again.

However, at the time of writing, Trump has yet to post anything on his restored Facebook and Instagram accounts. The most recent post on Facebook is still his call for people to remain peaceful at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The 45th President of the United States’s Facebook account has 34 million followers, while the Instagram account boasts over 23 million followers.

Campaign platforms

The reactivation of the Facebook and Instagram accounts is a blessing for Trump as he is warming up to a third battle to occupy the White House.

A successful takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk last October saw Trump’s Twitter account activated. One of the top advisers of the former President insinuated that his intensity of using Facebook cannot compare to Twitter, which is now the primary communication medium for Trump.

However, the adviser indicated that Facebook and Instagram would be crucial in advertisements through Facebook ads. “The ads are important for fundraising and attracting a huge number of people,” said the adviser.

Trump NFT experiment

Trump, known for his passion for releasing branded products, dived into the NFT space last year. In a move that was seen as controversial to his earlier pronouncements that demeaned the crypto industry, Trump released his first NFT collection that traded at $99.

He used his influence on several platforms to invite people to trade his NFTs, labeling them “Christmas gifts.” The NFT collection minted through the Polygon network hit the headlines as it contained a sweepstake where the winner had a zoom call with the former President. The collection comprises a 45,000 NFT limit.

The NFT collection by Trump is in a downward trend as it has not yielded the large volumes he had anticipated. The low sales volumes arise from the post-launch criticism, missing 1,000 NFTs from the market, and skepticism as there are claims of plagiarism of the artworks.

Bottom line

Reinstatement of Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts might help push his NFT collection sales. It is an expectation that the former President will use the reinstated accounts to push his agenda and create hype for the NFT collection.

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