Trump accused of using copyrighted images in NFT collection

Trump accused of using copyrighted images in NFT collection

Former President Donald Trump’s recently released line of NFT “digital trading cards” has come under scrutiny for potentially infringing on prior designs.

The collection, which features Trump in various poses and costumes, sold out of the initial 4,500 cards made available. However, media outlets and social media users have pointed out that some of the images appear to be based on unlicensed, copyrighted photos.

Many of the designs, such as the spacesuit and cowboy getup, bear a resemblance to images found on clothing websites and stock photo sites. One image, which shows Trump in a cowboy outfit, appears to be a photoshopped version of a jacket sold on Walmart and Amazon. Another image featuring Trump as a fighter pilot is similar to a Shutterstock image, and several others resemble free backgrounds.

The company behind the images, NFT INT LLC, has not commented on whether it obtained a license to use the copyrighted material. There have been reports that Trump could potentially face a lawsuit for the potential theft of the images. Trump announced that he had sold all 4,500 of the digital cards on Friday, and an online marketplace reported nearly 12,000 sales of the NFTs.

Trump’s “digital trading cards” reportedly about to be dumped

A Reddit user has claimed that Trump’s “Digital Trading Cards” are about to be dumped, with one wallet holding a significant portion of the collection and receiving regular payments. It is unclear whether this claim is accurate.

The Reddit user stated that one wallet holds 2.22% of the entire collection, with none of the cards having been sold or moved. The wallet is reportedly receiving regular payments of $30 to $200 worth of cryptocurrency. It is not known who is behind the wallet or whether the claim of the cards being dumped is true.

SNL takes on Trump’s controversial NFT trading card collection

Saturday Night Live aired a sketch mocking Trump’s NFT trading cards, calling them a “scam” and featuring cast member Cecily Strong in her portrayal of Trump. The sketch also took the chance to say goodbye to Strong, who is leaving the show.

In the sketch, Trump is seen promoting the NFT collection and asking for money, despite the cards being sold out. The sketch also highlighted the fine print on the “no purchase necessary” guarantee, which requires Trump to disclose the winners and provide an alternate method of entry for free.

It is not uncommon for celebrities and public figures to release NFT collections as a way to monetize their brand and connect with fans. However, Trump’s NFT collection has faced backlash and criticism for its potential use of copyrighted images as well as the overall portrayal of Trump himself in the NFT collection.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will face any legal consequences for the collection. The use of copyrighted images without proper permission can result in legal action, but it is also possible that the parties involved could reach a settlement or licensing agreement. The situation will likely depend on the specific circumstances and the actions taken by the parties involved.

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