Trip Hawkins, the founder of EA, enters the world of NFTs

Trip Hawkins, the founder of EA, enters the world of NFTs

Trip Hawkins, the renowned entrepreneur who founded Electronic Arts (EA), is making his debut in the world of NFTs with the launch of a new company called “Games for a Living”.

Games for a Living

The company’s primary objective is to develop blockchain-based games that offer players play-to-earn elements and catalyze a paradigm shift in the gaming industry’s traditional business models.

With a long and impressive track record in the gaming industry, having founded video game companies such as EA and 3DO in the 1980s and 1990s, Hawkins is a well-known and highly respected figure in the gaming world. Utilizing his vast experience and expertise, Hawkins intends to revolutionize the way players experience and benefit from games through his new venture, Games for a Living.

First title available for download on Steam

Manel Sort, the former vice president at King and co-founder of Games for a Living, will collaborate with Hawkins in creating games that leverage NFTs and blockchain-based tokens. The company’s initial offering, Elemental Raiders, is currently available on Steam and will soon incorporate NFT and blockchain features.

Games for a Living has revealed plans to organize a tournament for Elemental Raiders in March, where players can win NFT-related prizes. The company has also teased a second game, “Diamond Dreams,” which is a matching puzzle game that operates using NFTs.

According to its official whitepaper, Games for a Living will primarily feature its NFTs, tokens, and other materials on the BNB chain, while some elements will continue to reside on the Ethereum blockchain. The company also intends to transfer all game assets to its own chain at a later stage.

Games for a Living has several games under development, in addition to Elemental Raiders and Diamond Dreams. The company’s video game development studio will lay the foundation for high-quality games on its platform and provide documentation for developers interested in creating their own blockchain-based games.

Empowering blockchain gaming developers

Games for a Living Network is an independent platform that empowers game developers to craft blockchain-based games where players can possess their digital assets and generate earnings while playing. The Network is compatible with all major platforms, such as mobile, desktop, and console.

With enhanced security, scalability, and sustainability, the Games for a Living Network features a permissioned Layer 1 chain. This platform provides web3 game creation tools to developers, a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs and game currencies, and fraud protection features. 

Under the leadership of Hawkins, Games for a Living has the potential to disrupt the gaming landscape for the next generation of players. Its innovative approach to blockchain gaming is predicted to draw in a fresh group of developers and players.

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