Treasure Ecosystem Users Surpass Sandbox and Decentraland

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Treasure Ecosystem Users Surpass Sandbox and Decentraland

The NFT game ecosystem, Treasure, has seen a massive increase in the last weeks, having surpassed both Sandbox and Decentraland in weekly active users.

Treasure’s Ecosystem Boosted by The Beacon Prototype Release

The increase in activity has sprouted from the prototype launch of The Beacon, a game built on the Treasure ecosystem and launched on the 25th of November. The Beacon is a free-to-play action rogue-lite RPG (Role Playing Game) that is currently under development, having recently released its aforementioned prototype, “settlement launch.” 

Players can try out the game, collect limited edition NFTs, and secure their place on the “allowlist” for its upcoming mint. The game’s alpha version is set to release in 2023 with full gameplay and game economics. 

Treasure Ecosystem Users Surpass Sandbox and Decentraland - 1

Weekly active users on the Treasure Ecosystem on Arbitrum. Source: Twitter

With over 10 games currently being played daily, the launch of Beacon has catapulted the ecosystem into the public eyes these last weeks. $MAGIC, the game ecosystem’s token, has experienced a sustained bull run, having gone from $0.26 to $0.57 in the last seven days.

Last Friday, Coinbase also announced its plans to list $MAGIC in its list of upcoming assets added to the roadmap, along with Rocket Pool ($RPL) and Aragon ($ANT), further confirming the bullish sentiment among investors.

Treasure has built an NFT gaming ecosystem underpinned by the $MAGIC token. Creating a global game economy with one native token bridging different games and communities, Treasure hopes to bring sustainability to its in-game token, $MAGIC.

$MAGIC serves as cross-metaverse currency, designed to be increasingly scarce, which can be earned by playing games within the ecosystem. The same is true for the ecosystem’s NFTs, a set of economic resources shared across multiple metaverses built on Treasure.

Data on Active Users is Contradictory

While the NFT gaming sector shows no sign of dwindling popularity across multiple data points, there are still a lot of discrepancies when it comes to the data published across online resources. Back in October, DappRadar reported that Decentraland, a project valued at $1.2 billion, only had around 38 active users over a 24-hour period.

The number is strikingly low, given the popularity of the project and its billion-dollar market capitalization. The creative director for Decentraland, Sam Hamilton, addressed the reported number stating that not all users were being accounted for in the resource’s metrics. He stated that “DappRadar doesn’t track our users, only people interacting with our contracts,” 

According to Decentraland, there were over 50,000 monthly active users in the metaverse during September, with the definition of an active user being described as “people who log in and then move out of a parcel.”

Due to different methodologies and limited access to different blockchain networks, data resources are not always in agreement regarding the metrics presented regarding metaverses. While the data may not always be pristine, there is no question that the Treasure ecosystem has enjoyed noticeable growth. According to DappRadar, the game ecosystem’s weekly unique active wallet count sits at 7,900 in the last seven days.

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