Toys”R”Us Partners with Anybodies to Launch Web3 and NFT Experiences

Toys”R”Us Partners with Anybodies to Launch Web3 and NFT Experiences

WHP Global, the company behind Toys”R”Us, has partnered with Anybodies, a web 3.0 tech agency, to launch the brand’s metaverse, which was set forth last week. The partnership was announced yesterday and will kick off with the initial release of 10,000 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles on the Solana blockchain.

Toys”R”Us Turns to the Solana Blockchain 

Fans of the iconic toy brand can purchase the NFT collectibles from the 9th of November onwards through Magic Eden, the biggest Solana NFT marketplace and one of the largest NFT markets in the world by sales volume. 

Solana has been a popular alternative to Ethereum for NFT minting. As shown by Toy”R”Us venture into the metaverse realm, it is attracting big brands to its ecosystem. According to Messari, a blockchain data analysis provider,  the Solana NFT ecosystem has grown substantially in the third quarter of 2022.

According to Jamie Uitdenhowen, executive vice president of Toys”R”Us at WHP Global, the goal of the NFT-fueled venture is to create immersive digital and physical consumer experiences that “excite, educate, and are fun as all toys should be.” In the company’s official press release, Uitdenhowen stated:

“We are excited to partner with Anybodies to help bring to life incredible digital experiences for consumers and unlock the full potential of the digital Toys”R”Us brand around the world.” 

Toys”R”Us NFTs Provide Exclusive Experiences 

Featuring a reimagined 3D animation of their star mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe™, the NFT collectibles are inspired by the wide variety of toys and brands found in Toys”R”Us stores. Rising to the occasion, Toys”R”Us has released a collection of exclusive NFT collectibles that have utility in the wider Web3 context and will not simply sit idle in users’ wallets. 

Holders of these Solana-based collectibles can stake them to earn GCoins, which can then be used to redeem exclusive access to physical and digital toys, as well as in-store experiences such as shopping events and VIP admission at new flagship store openings. Additionally, they will have early access to future digital releases and experiences.

As the program continues to evolve, additional loyalty rewards will be introduced, including discounts for purchases made on This will give customers even more incentive to collect and stake these exclusive NFT collectibles.

More Web3 Experiences may be Around the Corner

Toys”R”Us is planning to launch more integrated web3 experiences in 2023 and create a new type of toy ownership that resonates with future generations of Toys”R”Us kids. This move is part of the toy brand’s efforts to remain relevant and engage younger consumers.

The 2023 digital rollout for the web3 community comes after a strong year for the Toys”R”Us brand, which is now present in over 30 countries with more than 1,300 stores. This includes the rollout of Toys”R”Us inside of every Macy’s store across the U.S. and the return of the brand to the United Kingdom.

Toys”R”Us executive vice president said that the company is looking forward to introducing these new web3 experiences and creating a new category for toy ownership that will appeal to younger consumers. This will help the brand continue to thrive and remain a key player in the toy industry.

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